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Difficulty I-II
Length 6.75 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
Reach Info Last Updated 12/17/2009 8:04 pm

River Description

Another 'unknown' reach . . . marked rapids on the topo maps, on a stretch of river we have no other info regarding. Drainage area is sufficient for a fair number of days per year of runnable flows. Rapids appear to be generally low-grade (probably class II at good flows).

Note: The listed put-in and take-out appear to give the best 'bang for the buck' (most apparent rapids with least flatwater). Additional rapids may exist beyond those marked on topos. A longer trip may be chosen to continue to additional rapids, which have been marked on the map and listed in the 'Rapids' tab.

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Rapid Descriptions

Boat Landing

Class - N/A Mile - 0.7
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

This may be a better put-in if the upper one is not accessible and/or if the 'apparent' rapids between it and here are not worth the bother.

Possible rockdam?

Class - N/A Mile - 1
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

marked rapids #1

Class - N/A Mile - 2.8
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

marked rapids #2

Class - N/A Mile - 3.28
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

marked rapids #3 (at 1490' contour)

Class - N/A Mile - 4.1
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

marked rapids #4

Class - N/A Mile - 5.4
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

(Nothing is really apparent on the satellite photos, other than a narrowing of the river.)

Boat Ramp / Picnic Area

Class - N/A Mile - 6.75
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

This is the recommended take-out. Additional rapids are marked downstream, but are generally barely visible on satellite views.

marked rapids #5

Class - N/A Mile - 9.7
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

(nothing really apparent on satellite view)

marked rapids #6 (at 1420' countour)

Class - N/A Mile - 11.68
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

marked rapids #7 (at 1410' contour)

Class - N/A Mile - 14.3
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

marked rapids #8

Class - N/A Mile - 18.12
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

(Nothing apparent on satellite view.)


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

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Directions Description

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Penobscot River Dams to be Removed!

Kevin Colburn

Atlantic Salmon and other imperiled fish species will soon have hundreds of additional miles of habitat. A recent decision between a power company, NGO's, tribes, and government agencies calls for the removal of two dams on Maine's Penobscot River and the bypassing of a third. American Whitewater applauds this huge win for rivers and is recruiting volunteers to assist with our work on the project. There is a public meeting December 2nd.



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