Whitefish, W.Br. - Unnamed road to Niemi Road/Co.Hwy.102 (8.86 miles)

Whitefish, W.Br., Michigan, US


Unnamed road to Niemi Road/Co.Hwy.102 (8.86 miles)

Usual Difficulty I-II(III) (for normal flows)
Length 8.86 Miles
Avg. Gradient 20 fpm
Max Gradient 40 fpm

River Description

The highlight of this run is Whitefish Falls, which is not really a falls but a fine stretch of bedrock ledge/drop rapids.

Boaters looking specifically for whitewater will prefer to do this (approximately) quarter-mile stretch as a park-and-play, since there is good access to it.

The listed take-out is on private property. Permission would need be sought to leave a vehicle and take-out here. Absent that, either use access points further upstream or further downstream.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.8Small ledgeII
1.0Johnson RoadN/A
1.2Second small ledgeII
1.4Third and Fourth small ledgesII
2.4Head of better gradientI
2.7Whitefish Falls, Upper ledgeN/A
2.8Whitefish FallsII+Playspot
3.2Diffin RoadN/A
5.6Power linesN/A
6.4Saari RoadN/A
7.3Confluence, Werners CreekI
7.9Confluence, Scott CreekN/A
16.3USGS sampling siteN/A

Rapid Descriptions

Small ledge (Class II, Mile 0.8)

There will be various, random, riffles and rips from the put-in. At this location, it appears there may be a small ledge. (It is entirely possible/likely that, at boatable flows, this will be a wave/hole, or (at moderate-to-higher flows) may even be not noticeable.

Johnson Road (Class N/A, Mile 1.0)

Very minor riffles and rips continue to (and beyond) this road bridge.

Second small ledge (Class II, Mile 1.2)

Pretty much same as above.

Third and Fourth small ledges (Class II, Mile 1.4)

Two small ledges in close proximity. (Pretty much as above.) Downstream, minor riffles and rips continue.

Wave/Chute (Class I, Mile 1.8)

A minor ledge and squeeze is likely to create a fun little bit of a wave train. Not far downstream, look for a one-lane truck-trail bridge. (Unknown whether it allows adequate clearance at good boatable flows. Be alert!)

Head of better gradient (Class I, Mile 2.4)

At this point riffles and rips become continuous heading into the 'big event'.

Whitefish Falls, Upper ledge (Class N/A, Mile 2.7)

Whitefish Falls is really just a series of about three good ledges -- much more a rapids than a falls. The first ledge in the series appears here.

Whitefish Falls (Class II+, Mile 2.8)

A good description and photo-essay of this 'falls' is available at Michigan Waterfalls.

Island (Class N/A, Mile 2.9)

An island splits the flow (fairly evenly) -- pick a side and go. Riffles and rips continue, but peter-out as a second island is encountered.

Power lines (Class N/A, Mile 5.6)

From Diffin Road there will be virtually no rapids, riffles, or rips until ust a bit above this power line crossing. Minor riffles and rips will continue a good way downstream.

Saari Road (Class N/A, Mile 6.4)

This 'road' is really more of a driveway. Riffles and rips continue.

Confluence, Werners Creek (Class I, Mile 7.3)

Werners Creek enters from the right just above Hwy.41.

Confluence, Scott Creek (Class N/A, Mile 7.9)

Scott Creek enters from the left immediately before Old US 41/Trenary Avenue.

Dam (Class N/A, Mile 8.3)

It appears there is a dam/weir at this point. Be very cautious, and be prepared to portage.

USGS sampling site (Class N/A, Mile 16.3)

USGS lists a sampling site with drainage of 120 square miles.

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