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Difficulty II+
Length 12 Miles
Gauge Mulberry River near Mulberry. AR
Flow Range 2.00 - 6.00 FT
Flow Rate as of: 54 minutes ago 3.24 [FT]
Reach Info Last Updated 09/23/2009 1:40 pm

River Description

Multiple access points as Hwy 215 parallels the river, including Little Mulberry, High Bank, Byrd's Adventure Center and others.

This section contains one of the better playspots along the Mulberry. The following is info on this spot from Zen Boulden:

Byrd's Adventure Center is now providing a limited amount of park-and-play access to Whoop & Holler (on a trial basis) for $3 per vehicle. In order for this new access to be maintained, ALL users must register at Byrd's Adventure Center BEFORE entering the gate at Whispering Pines (there are several private landowners here and trespassing has become an issue). As long as all park-and-play users register and comply with a few simple guidelines the access will remain open.

Here's a summary of Whoop & Holler as it relates to the USGS Mulberry River gauge:

Over 8' (advanced paddlers only / fun factor = 7) Giant surfing waves throughout the rapid and a trashy but forgiving hole at the bottom (the entire patio rock is submerged at this level). There are several powerful eddies that can be used to attain parts of the rapid. The river is strong and care must be used to avoid being pushed into the trees immediately below the rapid. Spins and blunts are possible on the (mostly green) waves, with unintendos at their peak in the hole at the bottom. The rapid becomes hazardous above 10'.

7' to 8' (advanced / fun factor = 6) Medium-sized waves that are best suited for front and back surfing. BIG enders are possible at the patio hole (the patio rock is partially uncovered at this level and the strainer below becomes less of a problem). This is the transitional phase for Whoop & Holler and it usually lasts a few hours (the rodeo hole is forming but washed out).

6' to 7' (intermediate / fun factor = 10) Whoop & Holler becomes Loop & Helix! One of Arkansas' premium rodeo spots emerges as a breaking wave on river left, just above the rapids midpoint. This wave is surprisingly retentive and has an excellent elevator eddy along the left shore. Huge air and linked moves are possible. The hole is fairly deep and allows even medium-sized playboats to get vertical. Although still pushy, the entire rapid is safe and there is no longer a hole or strainer hazard at the bottom. Splats can be done across the face of patio rock.

5' to 6' (intermediate / fun factor = 9) Blunts and spins are the ticket in the rodeo spot. Cartwheels are possible but require refinement because the feature is becoming shallow (move high on the foam pile for best results) and loops are almost impossible below 6'. Despite the feature's small size, it demands skill and finesse or it will spit you out. This is the optimum level for skill development. There's also an excellent eddy line for stern squirts and cartwheels at the bottom next to the patio rock.

4' to 5' (intermediate / fun factor = 8) Spins, blasts, back surfs and blunts are the name of the game in the rodeo spot. While shallow, this is a fun and challenging level. A few other playable features take shape in the rapid. Wave wheels are especially fun on the way to the bottom eddy.

3' to 4' (all paddlers / fun factor = 7) The rodeo spot gets smaller and very shallow, but its still good for spins and a few other moves. The elevator eddy on river left becomes virtually non-existent, but the eddy line at the bottom is still perfect for stern squirts and cartwheels.

Below 3' (all paddlers / fun factor = ?) As the level tapers down to 2' there are a few tiny waves that can be experimented with. This is a good level for new paddlers to give surfing a try. Even at levels below 2' the rapid has something to offer.

Rapid Descriptions


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10 years ago

The Wolf Pen run to Byrds is one of the best runs on this river! The prime level to run this is between 3.0-3.5 if your looking for a "run of fun"! There's a lot of wave action and plenty of rocks and boulders to dodge to test your skills on. I do suggest that you don't do this run if you haven't floated before and that you drop in at Byrds and float to Turner Bend. This is, however, a forgiving river and if you do go over there's usually a bank you can swim to. There are 2 Canoe/Kayak/Raft Rental places here; Byrds Adventure Center and Turner Bend.

Gage Descriptions

Turner Bend gauge should be 2.5-5.0 ft for optimal water.

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

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2011-05-06 High Fatality One Boat Trip Read More




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