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Difficulty II-III(IV)
Length 4 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

Marble is a great creek located in central Kentucky, much like Jouett or Calloway creeks in Madison Co.

The creek begins with a nice class II - III warmup. You will know you have come to the main section when you reach the first horizon line.

There are a few drops that you can get out and scout, but for most of the creek you are in a rock walled canyon where there are few eddies and the action is very continuous. The drops are as large as anything on Calloway, but there are more of them. The holes (at the levels I've ran) are big, and with more water would absolutely be HUGE. The continuous nature and lack of eddies in places would make me think twice about putting on if I thought it was running too high.

There are places where there are strainers that block 90% of the river, but skilled boaters can get through the corner. At a higher levels this would be very sketchy in spots. As far as river-wide strainers (as of this writing), I'm happy to report there is only one, near the end of the run, thankfully not in any of the large drops or slides. It is however in a blind turn. There was a small eddy which allowed us to portage safely, but the current is swiftly pushing into the tree. At a higher flow, this spot could become a major hazard.

It is a boat abusive run. While there is some surf, folks should really bring a creek boat or river runner (and save your playboat for better play runs).

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Gage Descriptions

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Directions Description

We are unsure of best shuttle information. The default routing (via Google) seems unlikely, as it routes a LONG way around (27 miles) to the opposite shore of the Kentucky River. For this reason, automatic routing has been disabled for this run.

We would appreciate anyone familiar with this run providing additional information.

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