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Difficulty I-II+(III)
Length 3 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

The West Fork of Eagle Creek is a good beginner/intermediate creek at low-to-moderate flows. (Could change at high water!). This section is mostly roadside, so you can easily see most of what you are getting into as you set shuttle. For solid whitewater paddlers, there are often lots of better places to paddle, but if the rain stays mostly east of Whiteoak and Straight Creeks watersheds, you may wish to check this out. Also, it's a good option for someone lacking the confidence or skills to paddle Whiteoak at high water.

Depending on flow, your time and interest, the run may be extended both upstream and down. You can find a couple additional class 2 rapids, the best being near North Pole Road. You might also check out a run on the East Fork if you are here. It is likely to be short but fun.

Rapid Descriptions

Drainage areas (as calculated by USGS StreamStats 4.0 Beta Software)

Class - N/A Mile - 0
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At an uppermost possible/likely put-in (Russelville-Winchester Road, about 0.3 mile SW of Juillerat Road, right about at the 900' elevation line) drainage area is ~3 square miles.

At our listed/recommended put-in, it is 54 square miles, and at the listed take-out (at Rt.763), it has doubled, to 108 square miles.


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

roadside..just look at it

Directions Description

Various options exist for put-in/take-out, depending on flow and length of trip desired.

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New Hydro Project for Cuyahoga (OH)

Thomas O'Keefe

The Cuyahoga River, the river that burned, played a pivotal role in the birth of the nation's river conservation movement. While restoration gains have been significant, a proposal for a new hydropower project on a dam targeted for removal would represent a signficant setback in ongoing restoration efforts and would delay for at least half a century any effort to bring back the lost whitewater that sits buried behind the Ohio Edison Gorge Dam. Paddler participation at upcoming scoping meetings is important.

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