Lake Creek Slides - Below triangle Lake

Lake Creek Slides, Oregon, US


Below triangle Lake

Usual Difficulty V (for normal flows)

Lake Creek Falls

Lake Creek Falls
Photo by Richie Slocum taken 01/31/18

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-14307620 6.00 - 12.00 ft V 00h43m 5.36 ft (too low)

River Description

FLOWS:  The online gauge is far downstream, thus is only used as a ballpark estimate.  Look for about 8' and dropping slowly for a good first time flow. Flow makes a big difference, with 12' usually being class V and 6' being class IV.  This section also appeared runnable at 18' on the online gauge, but serious class V.  It is not known whether it has ever been run that high.

There is now a painted gauge at the bridge just downstream of Triangle Lake (check out the photos tab) that is more accurate but obviously visual only.  1.5' is a good first time flow, at 2.5' it starts to become pushy class V.  There is no established minimum at this time.  Fortunately it is easy to scout the slides before putting on to make your own decision about whether to paddle this section or not.


Here is a video from about 1.75' on the put in gauge. (Lake Creek segment ends at 1:30)


Paddling:  The stream can be run from the lake, flowing over sheets of bedrock that grow increasingly steep as they enter the crux section.  The slides section should be scouted before putting on. 

The main event consists of three distinct slides.  The main line off the first drop is in the middle and offers up a good boof, but some choose to put in at the lip on the right side.  There are those who also choose to put in below this first larger slide.  The second slide is the easiest and is run on the left.  The third and final major slide has a lead in that pushes left just before the slide that is currently (November, 2014) run by getting quickly back to the right after the lead in to go down the slide on the right and avoid a log at the base.

There is a pool at the base of this slide before the river enters the boulder garden section.  This part of the run is a bit manky and often has (manageable) wood hazards.  This section ends with a six foot airplane turn to the right that often ends in spectator friendly lines.

After this drop, it is class II-III to the take out bridge a short distance below.  The whole run is about 1 mile long.  Some people combine this run with Sweet Creek.


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Rapid Descriptions

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