Jordan Run - Jordan Run Road to Rt. 28/55

Jordan Run, West Virginia, US


Jordan Run Road to Rt. 28/55 (Jordan Run Gorge)

Usual Difficulty V+ (for normal flows)
Length 1.6 Miles
Avg. Gradient 200 fpm
Max Gradient 200 fpm

Bobby Miller at Jordan Run Falls

Bobby Miller at Jordan Run Falls
Photo by Shawn Yingling taken 04/19/11

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-01606000 4000 - 10000 cfs V+ 32d13h57m ~ 3110 cfs (too low)

River Description

Do not put on this class 5 creek unless you are committed to running one of the biggest runnable waterfalls in West Virginia. Portaging the falls looks nearly impossible, but could be attempted high on river right. Wood on this creek is a frightening prospect because most of the creek is fast moving and boxed in Just scouting the falls is extremely dangerous since the rock is so slick, but very necessary, as it can collect wood. Once you run the drop at the confluence its very difficult to get out of the creek.

Starting at Jordan Run Road, the creek flows for 200 yards of Class 2 but beware of at least two fences. better yet, put in at the first drop, because you scouted it, right? The first drop is a walled in 8 foot sloping ledge that is easily run but gets a big hole at high water. If you scrape at all over this drop, the creek is too low to run, and the waterfall downstream will be dangerous. Directly below this drop is the confluence with Big Run. Big Run falls is a gnarly 20-30 foot reconnecter yet to be run. below here the creek leaves the depressing put in scenery and enters paradise, but don't be distracted. Some fast class 3 boogie leads without much warning into a gorged in rapid with 3 sizable ledge holes. These holes would be difficult to punch at high water and you can forget about recovering equipment if a swim occurred. Once through this section, be on the lookout for Jordan Run Falls, which comes up without much warning. There is a 2-3 boat eddy on river right 30 feet upstream of the lip, and a micro eddy right at the lip. The creek again walls up and pinches through a narrow slot and over a 25-30 foot falls. The water hitting the right bank at the lip folds over the main flow, reconnecting near the bottom. At higher levels you can ride this curler and launch a sweet boof. At lower medium flows the line is less obvious. There is a sizable pocket on the left, and a shelf/pock on the bottom right. under or behind the curtain the waterfall hits on a boulder on the left. The pool past the boulder is very deep. Get some speed and try to launch out into the center of the pool as best you can.

The remainder of the run is fun Class 3 with some gorgeous rock formations. Right above the takeout at Smoke Hole Caverns is a 5 foot ledge.

Check out this video of the run and the falls:

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