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Great Miami - Dayton Playpark

Great Miami, Ohio, US


Dayton Playpark

Usual Difficulty II (for normal flows)

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Great Miami River at Dayton OH
usgs-03270500 250 - 6000 cfs II 00h54m 1900 cfs (running)
Great moderate to advanced play levels. (We could use your input to confirm ranges and playability!) Gauge (2,511 square miles) is right at this site, so will very accurately portray actual flows.

River Description

The feature is across from the Dayton Art Institute. The best place to park is off of Monument Ave. under the I-75 overpass (N39.762816, W84.199844).

The river left feature doesn't look like it has any play opportunities, but it is a good place for beginners to practice ferrying and eddy turns.

The river right feature forms a large wave train that runs between 23.5-26.5 ft on the gauge. The best level for play seems to be 26 ft/2500 cfs. At higher flows, "whirlpools" form on the eddyline that make rolling a challenge, with both eddies feeding very strongly into the drop (above 27ft/4200 cfs).

Another feature is being constructed upstream, at Riverscape Metropark. As of Feb.2017, it still had metal, rocks, and construction equipment in the water, but feature is open. It looks to form a large hole, kind of like a bigger version of the Mad River Run.

Check out the following video at a reported level of 24.5' (about 1010 cfs):

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Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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September 21 2018 (117 days ago)
SporkFingers (158845)
There is a tree blocking the whole river right drop as of today. It is tricky to see from above.
The wave is still surfable though. The log actually makes the wave a bit more bouncy than usual.
November 2 2017 (441 days ago)
SporkFingers (158845)
Ran both drops on 11/2/17 at 25.6 feet. The Riverscape drop was starting to get fun. The right side
was a fairly steep green wave. Great for front surfing and beginner play. The left side was
starting to develop a foam pile, but wasn't retentive enough for any big moves. Great for enders
and stern squirts. Overall, pretty friendly. The Monument Ave. drop was huge and very retentive. It
generally flushed if you roll, but held you long enough to roll back up on the wave. Great for more
advanced play. The eddy on the right was full of trash and some rather largeish logs that were
getting swirled around. Way more than usual and large enough that it might hurt to run into one
while upside down. I tried to clean up as much as I could, but some of it was difficult to get to.
Down stream the "whirlpools" were out in full force. Fun to mess around it, but hard to roll up in.