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Difficulty III
Length 2.5 Miles
Flow Range 12000 - 18000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 1 hour ago 102 [CFS]
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River Description

This has rarely been run. Dennis Dodge reports running it ca. 1980 in 13-ft glass boats. It was run again in August, 2100. (See below.)

The putin is actually on Punsit Creek, just upstream of the confluence with Indian Creek which forms Kline Kill.
Stu Summer gave the following description of his run in this post in the Northeast Paddlers' Message Board:

August 29, 2011 KLINE KILL

Two days after (Hurricane) Irene swept through, Martin Summer and I headed to the Kline Kill (a Kinderhook tributary in north-central Columbia County) for a long awaited first run. It is evidence of the small watershed and its flashiness that the Kill was already well down and in fact could not be run much lower. We parked on County Route 9 next to the bridge over the Kill. We slid our canoes through the brush and dragged them a bit down from the bridge, past a strainer (which are common in this bottom land). We then floated around some other small strainers to the junction with Indian Creek just above the four barrelled culverts under the Taconic Parkway. These are giant and the high water mark from the flood showed another 3-4 feet of headroom even after the monster rains. Our level was already maybe 5 feet lower.

We caught an eddy at the conjunction, and it was difficult but possible to boat scout the four culverts and choose the river left one, which was easier to see down and was all clear. It was a smooth passage with no drop off at the down stream lip. Below the Taconic the river bends left and then right with numerous strainers, but only one river wide. All of this is class I-II. The scenery past the TSP is bucolic. After about a mile, the river turns south and then begins to parallel Rte. 9 southwest towards Ghent and Rte 66. Here the river picks up a little, with some class 2’s and then in the 1/4 mile above the Slate Hill Rd. bridge come some Class III ledges, the drop under the bridge being the most exciting. These might be Class IV at higher water. Our newly acquired pumps were only mildly needed.

One quarter mile further one comes to the large eddy and right-angle turn to river right. This can be seen clearly from the road and scouted (despite the "no trespassing" sign. A caretaker told us once that it was fishermen and swimmers they resist.) The ensuing rapid has most of the water plunging beneath an undercut, which is invisible at higher water (like this day). At our level, there was a bit of water zigzagging over ledges on river left which we could very slowly snake/scrape down. There is a tempting move for an expert kayaker where 30% of the water jags into the main plummet at a 70% angle just past the undercut. The passage is narrow but it would be satisfying!

Below this there are more Class II rapids and then the takeout in Ghent, immediately after the bridge on river left behind an old brick building that was once an insane asylum and is now a furniture showroom. We parked our shuttle car in the neighboring post office lot. I don’t know the owner of the building, but from various associations believe him to be a reasonable guy!

Below Ghent are a few miles of sycamore bottom lands with endless strainers, eventually leading to the Kinderhook. We have run this as far as route 203. Beautiful but not recommended.



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