Holes Creek - Grant Park Red trail to Grant Peak or playgorund

Holes Creek, Ohio, US


Grant Park Red trail to Grant Peak or playgorund

Usual Difficulty II-III (for normal flows)
Length 1 Miles
Avg. Gradient 50 fpm
Max Gradient 50 fpm

low water slide

low water slide
Photo taken 09/27/11

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Holes Creek near Kettering OH
usgs-03271300 2.70 - 8.00 ft II-III 00h17m 3.42 ft (running)
3 feet is a good minimum 8 is lethal Gauge (18.7 square miles) lies a bit downstream. Two fair-sized tribs add flow downstream of put-in, thus flow in this reach will be somewhat less than gauge.

River Description

For the majority of Ohio boaters this creek is too short for anyone to drive an appreciable distance.  However on the plus side if you live near Dayton the creek can be entertaining.  There are several options for access.  With two cars it is simple to put in as Holes Creek flows into Grant Park and then drive down to Grant Peak or one of the children’s play parks below the cascades.  The other option is to access the river at the main entrance to Grant Park and hike up the hill.  It will take about 8 minutes to reach the put in.  The takeout requires you ti hike back to your car or do a running shuttle of about 1.1 miles.

The put in has a small play wave at 2.7 feet but it washes out at higher flows.

The river then meanders for a hundred yards and there is a threat of downed trees.  In 2011 there was one somewhat scary tree in the flat water section.

The majority of the rapids are in the “cascades section”.  The river drops around 50 feet in this half mile section of somewhat gorged in river.  The drops are all slides or small ledges.  None are really difficult but they are continuous.  The water is unfortunately somewhat poor in quality so even with cool play spots I’m not sure I would want to flip.

This is a short continuous downhill slide with ledges and waves.  When the level is over 1500 cfs the rapids are AMAZING.  Actually they get kind of scary with big waves, trees, and massive holes.

Be careful! Over 2000 cfs the bridge near the end will kill you.

Start at the ford where the brown/red trail crosses and heads into the "cascades" according to the park map.  Takeout near the chimneys.

 You can continue further downstream and there is another small ledge but the takeout is more arduous and strainers are more common.

Permit Information


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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.6Cascade ledgeIII

Rapid Descriptions

Cascade ledge (Class III, Mile 0.6)

This ledge is one of the larger drops in the river.  It can have a sticky hole and a large man made concrete structure is downstream on the left.

This feature can easily be reached on foot by hiking upstream on the river right trail from the elementary school parking lot at Grant Park.

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November 6 2018 (77 days ago)
SporkFingers (158845)
There looks to be a pretty good rapid under the Alex Bell road bridge and some rapids are visible
along Alex Bell road all the way to the bridge.
March 13 2016 (1045 days ago)
The alternative put in is just upstream of the Park on McNeal and you take out down where McNeal
crosses the river.
July 7 2013 (2024 days ago)
On 6 July 2013 there was a big flood and all of the strainers were removed. There is still wood on
the banks but the main riverbed is clear.
May 5 2012 (2452 days ago)
I put a video tour from top to bottom at