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Difficulty II-III
Length 6 Miles
Flow Range 300 - 1000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 44 minutes ago 60 [CFS]
Reach Info Last Updated 07/09/2017 9:51 pm

River Description

This is a scenic rural area of the Provo river, with some small surf spots and splashy wave trains. There are two diversion dams; and in 2008 there was a report of a barbed wire fence. As with all sections of the Provo, there can also be wood. 
On 4/23/2012, one riverwide log portage was reported. ~350 is on the low side for this run, mostly class II but still fun.  

The first diversion can be approached and scouted from the right side. It can be portaged on the right although this is a fun two-tiered rocky drop (class II+). You'll then go through a few meanders where there are a few logs and at times a barb-wired fence. As you come to the second diversion dam, the river splits in two and can best be scouted from the island. This drop is the most difficult on the run (class III+ at higher water), rocky, and at times has a log. At high water, do not eddy out right of this diversion unless you are going to portage it, because its a difficult ferry with pin potential to get back left to run the drop.

A bit after this, there is a delta where there the river splits in a few channels where logs can be found. The rest of the run has nothing much of surprises.
This run description begins an effort to define the Provo runs better. Here is an outline of the runs above Deer Creek:

0. Above upper Provo Falls ("Little Bunny Foo Foo", and other drops?). 
1. Upper Provo Falls, Slate Gorge, Big Slide and Second Box
2. Soapstone to Pine Valley campground
(fairly serious wood avoidance and a half dozen portages for wood. 4.5 miles. A couple bad sweepers in the last quarter mile make boat scouting difficult; bank scouting from the takeout suggested. it is a beautiful forest run with some nice wavetrains)
3. Pine Valley campground to Woodland (rarely done, long shuttle, supposedly has even worse wood; I have not done it)
4. Woodland to 1000 East bridge (this run, about 6 miles)
5. 1000 East Bridge to Jordanelle (many channel choices at high water; lots of wood, but no portages in 2010. About 10 miles)
6. Jordanelle to Deer Creek (popular fishing stretch, access issues?)
"Middle Provo".

Note: 2 through 6 are were called "Soapstone to Deer Creek Reservoir". There is not a description right now below the Woodland run. 

Currently, 7 is "Deer Creek reservoir to Utah Lake", which contains these sections:
7. Deer Creek to Vivian Park
8. Bridalveil
9. Upper Provo town run
10. Middle Provo town run
11. Lower Provo town run


Rapid Descriptions


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Graham Abrams
4 years ago

Ran this section on 5/14/16 at 1000cfs. There is a river wide log around a very fast corner with no eddies about 2 miles downstream from the put in. We were lucky enough that it was pouring over just barely and creating a large drop so we just ran it. At flows less than 1000cfs, i would exercise great caution when doing this section below 1000cfs. Class 4 wood avoidance.

Gage Descriptions

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Directions Description


Putin: About 4 miles up from rt 150 from Woodland; normally accessed from the East Bench Creek Rd/Cedar Hollow Rd bridge. There is another putin a few miles upstream, that was reported to be good, with no wood portages in early May 2012. 

Takeout: 1000 East bridge for a ~6 mile run, or a shorter 3.5 mile run could be done to Woodland Bridge in town. 

No Accident Reports



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Green River Boat Passage Officially Open! - UT

Kestrel Kunz

American Whitewater staff traveled to Green River, UT in late March to meet with private water users and state agencies, and to participate in the official opening of the new boat passage through the Green River Diversion (Tusher Dam). Completion of the boat passage has freed the Green River from its last in-stream obstruction between the Flaming Gorge Dam and the confluence with the Colorado River – over 400 floatable river miles through iconic canyons and historic landmarks. It has a been a long process, and our work isn’t over yet! As your boating representative, American Whitewater will continue to work closely with the dam operators and Utah’s Division of State Lands (FFSL) to ensure that the boat passage meets the needs of the public during its inaugural year.


Bill Hunt


Kestrel Kunz


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