Stones, W.Fk. - Barfield Crescent Road to Nice Mill Dam

Stones, W.Fk., Tennessee, US


Barfield Crescent Road to Nice Mill Dam

Usual Difficulty II(III) (varies with level)
Length 18 Miles

Harkers Hole

Harkers Hole
Photo by Philip Byard taken 02/13/14

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-03428200 300 - 2000 cfs II 00h55m 258 cfs (too low)

River Description

This long stretch is flatwater, punctuated by numerous shoals, a few ledge/waves, and a couple dams. Caution may be required around dams as they may form uniform hydraulics at many flows. (Scout, and be prepared to portage.) Various alternate access points allow trips of varying lengths. As well, the best feature(s) may readily be done as park-and-play.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Apparent Dam (!)N/A
0.2Rocky OutcroppingI
0.5Series of shoalsII
0.9Foot/Bike-Path BridgeN/A
1.0Rocky SqueezesN/A
1.6Southridge Boulevard FootbridgeN/A
2.0Rock BlocksN/A
2.3Confluence, Middle Fork StonesN/A
3.1Sterling Farmer Dam (!)N/A
3.5Cason Trail ParkN/AAccess
3.9Trail BridgeN/A
4.5Racquet Club ShoalsN/A
5.0Interstate 24N/A
5.8Bridge AvenueN/A
6.3Old Fort GC BridgeN/A
8.0Parkway Dams (!)N/A
8.9Bark ParkN/A
10.1Harkers HoleII+Playspot Photo
10.7Possible Feature(s)N/A
11.7Battlefield Parkway ShoalsN/A
12.9Confluence, Sinking CreekN/A
13.4Filtration Plant WeirN/A
14.3Approaching Hwy.840 N/A
16.2Additional ShoalsN/A
17.9Nice Mill Dam (!)N/A

Rapid Descriptions

Apparent Dam (!) (Class N/A)

Just upstream of a bridge on a dead-end stub of road, the river has a likely a low-head dam, with attendant concerns regarding boil line. Most boaters at most flows may be best advised to stay well clear, putting in below this dam.

Rocky Outcropping (Class I, Mile 0.2)

Just downstream of the listed putin a rocky outcropping marks an area of shoals.

Foot/Bike-Path Bridge (Class N/A, Mile 0.9)

It appears there may be some shoals or possible feature leading to and under this bridge. Shoals extend downstream.

Rocky Squeezes (Class N/A, Mile 1.0)

Flanking the one-mile mark from the listed put-in, it appears there may be three back-to-back rocky squeezes.

Southridge Boulevard Footbridge (Class N/A, Mile 1.6)

Heading into the footbridge, there is a short stretch of rocky shoals.

Rock Blocks (Class N/A, Mile 2.0)

Apparent blocky rocks may (at some flows) make some disruption (play?) in the stream.

Sterling Farmer Dam (!) (Class N/A, Mile 3.1)

As you arrive at Hwy.99 (New Salem Road), you encounter Sterling Farmer Dam. CAUTION! This is likely to be a low-head dam with keeper hydraulic at many flows. Do not be deceived and tempted by this short drop without full consideration of the possible hydraulic. It appears there may be a short, constricted, bypass channel around the right side.

Cason Trail Park (Class N/A, Mile 3.5)

A (very minor) shoals may exist as you come into this park. This may serve well as alternate access for shorter trips.

Trail Bridge (Class N/A, Mile 3.9)

Not far downstream of this bridge, a narrowing and shoals will be encountered.

Racquet Club Shoals (Class N/A, Mile 4.5)

Minor shoals as you round a smooth right-hand bend.

Bridge Avenue (Class N/A, Mile 5.8)

Very minor shoals and a narrowing of the river lead into Bridge Avenue. At some flows, there may be some fine waves developing here.

Old Fort GC Bridge (Class N/A, Mile 6.3)

After passing under Hwy.96 (Old Fort Parkway), and passing Stones River Mall (river-left), as you head to a bridge crossing, you may find some minor rubble/obstruction (likely completely covered and making nothing interesting at good flows).

Parkway Dams (!) (Class N/A, Mile 8.0)

As you encounter the next footbridge (for Stones River Greenway System), Lytle Creek enters from river-right. Rounding the bend you'll see the Medical Center Parkway bridge just downstream. Be alert for a dam, which likely forms a keeper hydraulic across most of the stream. There appears to be a step-down-bypass to river-left. Passing under the highway, it appears there is another dam, this time without any apparent bypass. Scouting is advised (perhaps best done while running shuttle, to be fully aware the situation here before putting on upstream!). Portage may be required at many flows.

Bark Park (Class N/A, Mile 8.9)

As you head round a bend (near the Murfeesboro Bark Park, off College Avenue), a maze of islands breaks up the flow. Continuing around the left-hand-bend, a short ledge/wave will be encountered. At some flows, this may offer some play.

Islands (Class N/A, Mile 9.9)

About 0.2 mile below Murfreesboro Road (Hwy.42/70S/1) (as you pass Stones River Country Club on river-right), more treed islands divert the flow. This signals the approach to (perhaps) one of the best features of the run.

Harkers Hole (Class II+, Mile 10.1)

Harkers Hole

Harkers Hole
Photo by Philip Byard taken 02/13/14

Good flow for this feature is 300 CFS to about 650 CFS, and it can be surfed up to 2000 CFS (6 to 7 feet). This is a fun place to practice, but beware it will try to flip you at higher water levels. When it does, tuck up tight, its a little shallow, and head-busting rocks do wash out of the feature from time to time during high flows. (When the water goes down, the locals go back and put the rocks back.) Go give it a try and tell us what you think on our Nashville Whitewater Facebook page.

This is easy to do as a PnP. Go to the liquor store/ tobacco outlet at 2122 N Thompson Lane and park out back. Walk down the hill to the Greenway and go left. In about twenty yards you will see Harker’s Crossing Plaque, follow trail behind that to waters edge. Launch your boat and paddle around the trees to Harkers hole. To take out, paddle down to the wooden dock and get out there.

Possible Feature(s) (Class N/A, Mile 10.7)

Before getting to N.Thompson Lane, it appears some interesting bedrock flanks the river. It is possible some features (waves/holes) may occur here (before and after the bridge) at some flows.

As a side note, on river left at this point is a 570-acre park, Stones River National Battlefield, memorializing a key battle in the American Civil War.

Battlefield Parkway Shoals (Class N/A, Mile 11.7)

As the river heads into and around a right-hand horseshoe-bend, it encounters a fine area of shoals.

Shoals/bedrock/rips (Class N/A, Mile 12.6)

Before getting to Blanton Avenue, there may be some area of shoals and rips (waves). Immediately downstream of the bridge (at a major rocky prominence on river-right) there may be an interesting ledge.

Confluence, Sinking Creek (Class N/A, Mile 12.9)

As Sinking Creek enters (river-right), a number of islands divert the flow. There may be some interesting maneuvering (and play?) possible here at some flows.

Filtration Plant Weir (Class N/A, Mile 13.4)

As the river passes the filtration plant, look for a very low weir (dam). It appears likely not to cause any problem, and (at some flows) may actually present some play potential. (If anyone has contrary information, please comment below!)

Approaching Hwy.840 (Class N/A, Mile 14.3)

As Hwy.840 comes into view, some very light shoals/rips may occur (before and immediately after the bridge).

Interesting (at least as of present satellite imagery), if you zoom in to max resolution, you will see a group of three paddlers at this point!

Additional Shoals (Class N/A, Mile 16.2)

Various random/intermittent areas of light shoals are encountered leading to this point, where there may be a bit of a ledge/chute.

Just downstream Overall Creek enters from river-left.

Nice Mill Dam (!) (Class N/A, Mile 17.9)

Immediately after passing Sulphur Springs Road, be cautious of the dam just downstream. It appears to be broken out river-right to form a bypass (which could offer play opportunities?). At times of high flow, it may form a dangerous hydraulic.

Anyone having specific knowledge about this or any other features on this run is highly encouraged to help out your fellow boaters via the "Add a Comment" button which should appear below for all registered, logged-in users.

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