Provo - 07. Bridalveil

Provo, Utah, US


07. Bridalveil

Usual Difficulty III-IV (for normal flows)

River Description

A Utah classic, when it runs. There is a lot of wood on this run, and trees can fall or collect riverwide occasionally, especially at the first drop which can be bank scouted close to the putin parking.
The scenery is awesome, and the water in the spring is clean and cold. 
There is a frontage road from Nuns Park to the putin, which allows for scouting that section. 

From the putin parking lot, bank scout the first drop, which often has large logs on the right. 
Below there are some good surf waves, mostly on the fly. 
Below a couple of the best surf waves, the river bends left and a rocky drop is next. This spot often collects wood, and is a good spot to bank scout, since there are not good eddies for boat scouting. 
You will pass under a couple footbridges at Bridalveil Falls, then the rapids pick up as you approach the crux. 
A traditional line is to move left above the crux rocks, although it can still be rocky after moving left. Right lines are also possible, as well as an S move through the rocks. The frontage road has the best view of the crux, looking downstream; the brush obscures all other views of the crux. 

Then you come to the Nuns Park area, which can serve as a putin if you want to keep it to class 3. 
(In May 2016 there were a couple large log jams below Nuns Park, one passable on the left, the next, nearly riverwide, passable on the right. June 2017 these were cleared by the high spring flows.)
There are a couple other on the fly surf waves if you keep your eyes open; one is right after a white footbridge.
Takeout in the pond at Mt Timpanogos Park. Do not miss the takeout as there is a dam overflow at the end of the pond. 

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Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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June 9 2017 (521 days ago)
danamycottam (158939)
There is no wood blocking flows. However one of the bridges is very low and we had to jump out of
our boat to go under it. You could roll as well but we were in sit on top whitewater kayaks.

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