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Difficulty I-II
Length 2.4 Miles
Flow Range 150 - 800 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 1 month ago 123 [CFS] ℹ️
Reach Info Last Updated 11/01/2014 5:04 pm

River Description

A fine bit of in-town paddling for folks in the Iron River, Michigan area. A bike trail parallels the river, making a bike-shuttle quite easy. It appears (from aerial views online) that there are a number of areas of shallows and shoals, as well as possibly a small ledge or two, which could allow for some minor whitewater play.

Anyone with more info (or photos!) of this stretch is encouraged to help out your fellow paddlers by providing comments or a report!

Rapid Descriptions

Fifth Avenue

Class - II Mile - 0.06
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Where Fifth Avenue crosses the river (or used to?) there may be some minor rips and possible playable waves.

Fourth Avenue

Class - II Mile - 0.168
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Coming out from under the North Fourth Avenue bridge, there may be some playble features, or at least some riffles and rips at the river heads toward Nanaimo Park (river left).

Hwy.2 Rips

Class - I Mile - 0.617
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Minor riffles and rips may immediately precede and follow passing under the Hwy.2 bridge.

Genesee Rips

Class - I Mile - 0.8
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Just downstream of Genesee Street, some swifts/rips/rapids will be encountered which may continue about a quarter-mile.

Pedestrian Bridge

Class - I Mile - 1.14
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

A bridge spans the river, and just downstream, it appears there may be some minor rapids or swifts/rips.

USGS sampling site

Class - N/A Mile - 1.44
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

USGS lists a sampling site (more-or-less) midway down our listed section, showing drainage at this point as 65 square miles.


Class - II Mile - 2.27
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Aerial view appears to show a small ledge which could provide some whitewater play.


Summary of Gauge Readings

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Gauge NameReadingTimeComment
AW Gauge Info
123 cfs ℹ️ 48d13h00m Gauge (drainage area 92.1 sq.mi.) is about 1.5 miles downstream from take-out, with a couple tribs added in by then. Flow at put-in may be 0.7*gauge.

Directions Description

State Line Trail (bike trail) parallels this short stretch, making a bike shuttle very convenient.


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