Locke Brook - Pine Campground to Davis Road

Locke Brook, Massachusetts, US


Pine Campground to Davis Road

Usual Difficulty IV (for normal flows)
Length 2 Miles
Avg. Gradient 150 fpm
Max Gradient 200 fpm

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-01096000 150 - 1500 cfs IV 01h04m ~ 297 cfs (running)
Start driving with it's 150'ish and rising 250 on this gauge for the Squannacook correlates with a rain event that was sufficient for a low-water run on Locke Brook

River Description

The First Descent was recorded in Spring 2014 by Joey Tamarro and Brooke Sofferman
Description by Joey Tammaro

Locke brook is a creek in ashby mass. it is a tributary of the Squannacook river so you know its tiny.This micro creek flows into the Squannacook river draining higher lands to the north in mason NH. This creek is located about 30 miles from nashua NH Lowell MA and Worcster MA so it is fairly accessable.

The Pines camp ground in ashby is the location of the put-in. The camp owners are very nice and dont mind kayakers we are trying to keep them as happy as possible they have been wonderful land owners thus far. Be sure to stop in and say hey to Doug at the Campground office before you unload gear in their parking lot. They have bathrooms, showers and water available if you're nice and willing to toss them a few bucks.
This creek is very flashy and takes heavey rains of more then an inch to bring this into a runnable level.
This run is about 2 miles long and drops a total of 323 feet over its entire lenth at low level it is bashy at high level its a great run very continous -IV/ IV nature

The area bellow the first rapid is is a huge log jam that creates this large pool but also breaks into many small streams get out and walk 25 yards around the mess put in right about next large drop and horizon line. Pine Campground wants this jam kept to create a swimming hole in the summer. Please leave the chainsaws at home.

After the main rapids listed, the river is mostly II/III to the takeout.

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Last Updated: 2014-11-17 16:19:18


Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Camp MobileIV
0.2Log Jam Pool N/APortage
0.7Slide Into The Danger ZoneIV
0.8Run of the RiverIII+
0.8Log Jam #2N/APortage
1.0Crack HouseIV
1.3Back AlleyIV
2.0Run out MileIII

Rapid Descriptions

Camp Mobile (Class IV)

100 yds of continuous class III ending with 100 yards of boulder garden beginning with a good 4-5ft boof and ending with a 10ft slide to a big pool. 

Crushinator (Class IV+, Mile 0.3)

The second rapid (Crushinator) is a large drop about 25 to 30 feet in total by the time you get to the end of it. It starts out with a horrizon line that splits around a big tree and pile of rocks. The right side is pretty straight-forward paddle to the lip, slow, pick your angle head down an 8 foot slide and be ready for your run out into a manky class III+. The left line IV starts off the same but with right angle the bottom of the slide piles into large boulders and makes a nice pillow with exiting current rushing back right to center of river. Slide down left side off the small flake landing on the pilling conituing right into a manky run out -IV.

Slide Into The Danger Zone (Class IV, Mile 0.7)

After this point the river heads around a corner to "Slide into the danger zone" a short fast slide with a decent hole at the bottom at higher flows. Keep an eye out for another portage before the second half of the river. Through this, the river continues as a III+ with occasional let up until you reach the next set of rapids which are near two neglected homes. 

Run of the River (Class III+, Mile 0.8)

Through this, the river continues as a III+ with occasional let up until you reach the next set of rapids which are near two neglected homes. 

Log Jam #2 (Class N/A, Mile 0.8)

Get out. 

Crack House (Class IV, Mile 1.0)

Crack house (and or Cabin Rapid / Old Timey House Rapid / Delapidated) is a set of ledges the river washes down best is to follow the flow by starting on river left and working right tword the center. The eddy on river left though small is usually is very strong and gathers wood. Watch out you don't get eddied into the logs.

Back Alley (Class IV, Mile 1.3)

The next rapid is just down river Other house (Back Alley/Whore House/ Exit Drop/ Locked House) and is very similar to the other drops. Drops over several small ledges to a big pool at the bottom. Run up the middle but watch out river left has a rock pile and tend to gether wood

Run out Mile (Class III, Mile 2.0)

After this the river is mostly II/III all the way to the take out at the first bridge. Watch for logs and strainers, they are likely plentiful. 

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