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Difficulty I-II(IV)
Length 14.8 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

This long upper reach of the Brule is mostly what might be considered a 'canoe tripping' run, containing many areas of low-grade shoals, riffles, and rips (likely class I-II) rapids. However, it also has at least one stretch of nearly 3/4ths of a mile with atypical gradient and what appears to be a rock dike which may form a far more challenging rapids. It is possible this short stretch may be done as a park and carry (parkk and play) short trip for more serious whitewater boaters looking for the best action on this upper stretch of river.

Rapid Descriptions

Gunflint Trail

Class - N/A Mile - 4.8
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

This could be used as egress for a short run on the uppermost section of decent gradient: 4.8 miles at about 22FPM overall, with one mile at about 37FPM.

USFS 144

Class - N/A Mile - 8.2
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Possible access (put-in) for a short section of steeper gradient.

Rock Dike

Class - III+ Mile - 8.6
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

From aerial views online, there appears to be a significant transverse dike of rock amid a stretch of increased gradient. It is mere conjecture, but I'm thinking this stretch is likely to be class III with good water, and this spot in particular may push into class IV territory. (We'd love a first-hand report here! Anyone? Photos?)

Lullaby Creek

Class - N/A Mile - 8.9
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

The road (Gunflint Trail / 12) is very nearby where Lullaby Creek enters from river-right. This could be a convenient landing for anyone wanting to do a short run of the best gradient on this upper reach.

USGS site

Class - N/A Mile - 11.4
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

USGS has taken rather random "Field Measurements" over the years at this site, and lists drainage area here of 88.8 square miles.


Class - N/A Mile - 11.9
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Less than 1/4-mile after Greenwood Lake Road (USFS 309), there is a fine looking landing off the Gunflint Trail.


Class - N/A Mile - 14.8
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Perhaps not as large as the wayside/landing at mile 11.9, but this appears to provide fine egress for running to just shy of the flatwater of Northern Light Lake not far downstream.


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

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Directions Description

This shuttle is somewhere near a half-hour (each way). We highly recommend meeting at take-out, gearing up, swapping boats and boaters to as few vehicles as possible (to leave 'drop vehicles' there), then driving to put-in to run river. This gets you on water without the delay which would result from meeting at put-in, having to run shuttle down and back up (while some boaters wait somewhere near a full hour!) before putting on river!

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Penobscot River Dams to be Removed!

Kevin Colburn

Atlantic Salmon and other imperiled fish species will soon have hundreds of additional miles of habitat. A recent decision between a power company, NGO's, tribes, and government agencies calls for the removal of two dams on Maine's Penobscot River and the bypassing of a third. American Whitewater applauds this huge win for rivers and is recruiting volunteers to assist with our work on the project. There is a public meeting December 2nd.



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