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Difficulty I-II
Length 8.4 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

This stretch of river is fairly low gradient, canoe-tripping and beginners territory, consisting essentially of ponds and lakes with the connecting river having generally easy boulderbed rapids. A few rock dams and rapids may allow some play opportunities.

Rapid Descriptions

Drainage: 163 sq.mi.

Class - N/A Mile - 0
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

At the put-in drainage area is about 163 square miles (to the best I can do using online planimeter and topomaps).

CR1 Bridge Supports

Class - N/A Mile - 0.1
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

First off, all which follows is via online aerial views of river, thus is very tentative and should not be considered or expected to be comprehensive or entirely accurate assessment of what may be found on this section of river. Anyone having first-hand knowledge is encouraged to help out your fellow boaters by adding a comment or report (with photos/videos if possible).

It appears there is one (or more?) bridge piers, and possibly considerable rocky rubble under the bridge, which may (or may not) create some minor opportunities for whitewater maneuvers.

Rock Dam

Class - N/A Mile - 0.5
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Aerial view appears to show a river-wide line of rock (a rock dam, perhaps?). Perhaps minor play at some flows.


Class - N/A Mile - 1.62
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

The river narrows, and nearly 0.2mile low-grade rapids will be encountered.

Second Narrowing

Class - N/A Mile - 2.12
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Another narrowing (after a pond), and another low-grade boulderbed rapids.

Third Narrowing

Class - N/A Mile - 2.62
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

After more pool(s), another narrowing and low-grade rapids. Early on, an island is encountered. Right is wider (more of the flow), and likely more gradual, while left is narrow and may have a slightly more significant drop (still not overly difficult).

Short Boulderbed

Class - N/A Mile - 3.28
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

A short boulder field separates two pools. It may finish with a slightly more significant (playable) wave/hole.

Minor rapids / bridge (ford?)

Class - N/A Mile - 3.48
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

A brief pool follows the prior drop. As the river narrows, a very minor boulderbed occurs, and a doubletrack crosses the stream. (This could be either a bridge or  just a drive-thru (ford) in the stream. If a bridge, expect it could be minimal (or no) clearance. If a ford, it could create a wave/hole at some flow(s).)

Possible Access

Class - N/A Mile - 3.75
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

A (very roughly) midway point allows access/egress, as a road (and a good parking area) exist river-left.

Nip Creek

Class - N/A Mile - 4.75
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Nip Creek enters from river-left.


Class - N/A Mile - 5.05
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

A short boulderfield appears here, but appears it may have no gradient. At best boatable flows it may be covered and not even be noticed. At lower flows, it could be problematic finding a way through without getting hung up on numerous rocks.

Rocky Narrow

Class - N/A Mile - 5.53
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Coming out of a pool the river narrows between rocky banks and has some apparent gradient. Expect some minor rapids and waves.

Rock Dam

Class - N/A Mile - 7.37
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

After passing a private property (river-left), it appears there is a small rock dam which may cause a wave/hole at good boatable flows. A very brief boulderbed follows before a short pool where the river does a sharp turn to the left, encountering another boulderbed with some good gradient.


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

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Directions Description

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Penobscot River Dams to be Removed!

Kevin Colburn

Atlantic Salmon and other imperiled fish species will soon have hundreds of additional miles of habitat. A recent decision between a power company, NGO's, tribes, and government agencies calls for the removal of two dams on Maine's Penobscot River and the bypassing of a third. American Whitewater applauds this huge win for rivers and is recruiting volunteers to assist with our work on the project. There is a public meeting December 2nd.



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