Difficulty III-V
Length 1.2 Miles
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Data from Larry Granger

This section rarely runs, it has been dewatered for power generation.
But sometimes, if water is spilling over the dam, you might get lucky.


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Michael Sarratt
10 years ago

On December 12, 2009, we ran the dries from just below the dam to above the 12 foot falls, the level was 100.6. In order to get to the put in below the dam, park in the parking area at the 176 bridge, carry your boats across the walking bridge and walk up the river on river left until you are above the slides and below the dam (follow the tubes). On the day that we paddled, the terrain getting down to the river was very slippery, so we roped our kayaks down to the river bank. The slides were quite runnable and very fun. There was a log jam (it is now out of the way) just after the rapids that are under the 176 bridge. There were a couple more log jams downstream that required rugged portages; otherwise, it was a fun run with lots of class 3 drops. We believed that the falls at the powerhouse looked a little boney, so we all decided to portage the falls. I recommend that you do a lot of scouting as you go down this stretch of river because it is prone to having trees and debris. We saw a destroyed boat, a porta potty, and a dock as we paddled down. Several places had logs across the river (some of which are not there any more). This stretch only runs when water is coming over the dam (Lake Summit level at 100.6 or better). Be careful and have fun !!!

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Adam Beeco
10 years ago

There was a couple of Clemson boaters who ran this twice Feb of 2010. Both times the lake level was 100.6. We found that there was a dramatic difference in the levels. Because the dam is so wide the difference in 100.69 and 100.60 is a lot. 100.69 offers plenty of water, while the 100.60 is doable but boney. The pump house falls had enough water both times. We put-in below the 176 bridge cause we had trouble fining a way to put-in just below the dam. As others reported a long time ago, there is a lot of trees/brush/debris. This does clear out before the first major drop and after that it is not a concern. Once you arrive at the trees and brush there is a island in the middle. Go left of the island. Experience about 30 yards of class III boogie water and drop down the slide into the whole, stay left. Then there is a series of 3 drops back to back to back, all Class III. They are a little difficult to scout. After this there is a calm stretch before the last too rapids. With the rapid above the falls be sure you are ready for the surprise hole of the wave. The the falls. At 100.6 the land zone is not very wide, but doable. Be sure to boof.

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Shelley Bean
13 years ago

Please excuse me, but I am a newcomer to this site, and I find your articles and informaton very interesting, and wish to read more.

I would like some information on how one gains access to the top of the dam at Lake Summit, NC, where the Green River leads to the powerhouse?

I would also be grateful if you could tell me how I can join in the forums and how I access them from this site?

I appreciate any information you have to offer about the access to the Lake Summit Dam.

Thank you, Shelley

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16 years ago

GREEN RIVER DRIES? I caught it three times this year! New
Forum: BoaterTalk
Re: Looking for information on the Green (NC) from the Dam to the Powerhouse by ReformSchooler Jul 09 2003, 18:34 GMT New
Date: Jul 10 2003, 1:59 GMT
From: slave2h2o

EXCELLENT RUN!!! If you missed it, than you really MISSED IT. Don't miss it again. There IS a lot of crap in there.(i.e. trees, pieces of dock, telephone poles, steel cable, a port-o-jon) But it was easy enough to avoid on our first run. The lake level on the first day was 100.6 and had around 6" of water pouring over the dam. The water at the slides below the bridge, where channeled to one side of the creek. The run was sweet, but the level was a bit low. Powerhouse Falls was too shallow to run, but still a good day
Next time we ran the Green River Dries. Some friends called, the lake was at 100.9, and there was almost 1ft of water pouring over the dam. It was raining, and the lake was rising. By the time we arrived, the run was pumping. The slides where river wide with huge intimidating holes. We decided to make a go, but opted to put in below the slides this time. Before we could complete the run, the river was flooding. It proved to be too much, too fast, with too much junk in there. We bailed after two people pinned together in some trees in the center of the river. When we took off the lake levels where 101.2 and there was closer to 1.5ft of water pouring over the dam. Later, we talked to some folks who live on Lake Summit. They said the water was higher than they had ever seen it. Their dock was under water.
The last time I ran the Green Dries, the lake was at 100.8 and dropping, with around 9"/10" of water pouring over the dam. This was just right. It would be nice to clean out some of the debris though. That was the only thing that was sketch.

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