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Difficulty II
Length 5.9 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

A fine shorter reach of another branch of the Escanaba. Unlike the most adjacent stretches of the (main stem) Escanaba, this one appears to feature at least two somewhat significant ledges which are likely to provide some play, probably at a pretty fair variety of flows.

Rapid Descriptions

USGS sampling site

Class - N/A Mile - -12
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

USGS lists a sampling site about 12 miles upstream (crow-flies distance, not river miles) of our listed put-in, showing drainage at that point as 65 square miles. Many tributaries add to flow downstream before our listed put-in.


Class - N/A Mile - 1.08
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Fairly continuous low-grade rapids from the put-in lead to this bridge about a mile downstream, and continue nearly a half-mile beyond.


Class - N/A Mile - 1.69
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

About 0.2 miles of flatwater (or, at least, rapids diminished to just riffles and rips) precedes a second bridge.


Class - N/A Mile - 2.65
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Light, intermittent riffles and rips continue.

Road 557

Class - N/A Mile - 3.18
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Light intermittent rapids continue.


Class - II Mile - 4.16
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

The first more significant feature! As the river takes a left-bend, it encounters a broken (two-part) riverwide ledge. This appears likely to allow some play, likely at a fair variety of flows.

Light rapids

Class - N/A Mile - 4.6
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Rounding a left-hand bend, a good stretch of riffles and rips will be encountered.

More light rapids

Class - N/A Mile - 4.9
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

After a brief let-up, a longer stretch of light rapids (low grade, class I-II) are encountered.


Class - II Mile - 5.41
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

A short pause in the rapids leads to the final pitch before the confluence. Early in this stretch there is a ledge/hole/wave which appears likely (as the prior listed feature) to allow play at a fair variety of flows. There may be a few other significant waves before the main stem of the Escanaba is reached.


Class - N/A Mile - 5.5
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

As you reach the main stem (Escanaba River), head downstream (right), through light rapids (riffles and rips, mostly) about 0.4 mile to an obvious clearing for your take-out.


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

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Directions Description

It is possible (likely) that shorter routes (than the default directions provided below) may exist by using unimproved forest trails. Otherwise, for the full run, shuttling as shown, this shuttle is nearly a half-hour (each way). We highly recommend meeting at take-out, gearing up, swapping boats and boaters to as few vehicles as possible (to leave 'drop vehicles' there), then driving to put-in to run river. This gets you on water without the delay which would result from meeting at put-in, having to run shuttle down and back up (while some boaters wait somewhere near a full hour) before putting on river!

Since the apparent 'best' features/playspots are both in the later part of the run, it is likely folks will often just do a shortened version of this run, with a far shorter shuttle.

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