Peshekee, W.Br. - Unnamed road to Peshekee River ( 2-4.7 miles)

Peshekee, W.Br., Michigan, US


Unnamed road to Peshekee River ( 2-4.7 miles)

Usual Difficulty II-IV (for normal flows)
Length 4.72 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-04043275 80 - 300 cfs II-IV 1y265d02h32m ~ 80 cfs (running)
Likely low, posibly boatable. (150-200cfs). (Help your fellow boaters with a comment or report of gauge reading and runnability/difficulty of this run.) Flow here may be 1.75*Yellow Dog gauge, based on relative drainage areas. Correlation is not assured.

River Description

A named falls on the West Branch Peshekee is the highlight of this run. Access at/around the falls may be disputed due to private property. If roads are clear and not gated/posted against trespass, it may be possible to drive to the falls. More likely you may have to hike in and possibly use our listed upper put-in and (mostly) flatwater access paddle. There are some additional rapids in the two-miles from Dee Lundeen to the (main stem) Peshekee, including a fine looking quarter-mile narrows/dells.

At the confluence, you may paddle across to what appears likely to be a stub road (likely fords the stream at low flows) where you can leave your shuttle vehicle, or (at least as likely) paddle down the final bit of the (main stem) Peshekee to one of the bridge take-outs.

We need better first-hand info on this one! Anyone with awareness of the access situation (and anything about the rest of the run) is encouraged to add a comment or report (ideally with additional photo/video) to help out your fellow boaters!

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0First gradientII
2.8Dee Lundeen FallsIVWaterfall

Rapid Descriptions

First gradient (Class II)

The first bit of gradient occurs here. It appears to be mostly just a quick chute, likely class II at best. Downstream are many miles of meandering river, so putting in this far up and catching this drop is likely only if access right at Dee Lundeen falls is unavailable (I.E., disputed due to private property.)

Best I can tell from topos available online, overall gradient for the run as listed may be only about 20 FPM due to the extended flatwater stretches.  If access is not disputed (or if permission is obtained), it may be more likely to just do a park-and-huck for Dee Lundeen Falls.

Pre-Dee (Class II+, Mile 2.7)

Just upstream of Dee Lundeen falls, a little bit of warm-up chute. Likely class II, maybe pushing marginally class III.

Drainage area at this point is in the neighborhood of 55 square miles.

Dee Lundeen Falls (Class IV, Mile 2.8)

Very interesting rock formations on this falls. Check it out at: Waterfalls of the Keweenaw.

Dee-nouement (Class II, Mile 3.2)

Ok, taking off on 'denouement', here: the events following a dramatic climax. A short way down from the pool, a brief constriction likely forms a swift chute. Likely class I-II.

Island (Class II+, Mile 3.6)

An island splits the flow, with the vast majority of water going to the right. A couple good waves and holes will be likely.

Narrows/dells (Class III, Mile 4.1)

The river narrows considerably (and passes a private residence), as it drops through some very interesting waves and holes. Very likely class III (+/-).

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