Difficulty II
Length 6 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

This is a very good river for all types of paddlers especially beginners. Most rapids are easy to navigate and will have slow spots or pools at the end to gather lost equipment in the event of a swim. This river also plays host to many types of tubers, there are two tubing places along this section of river.

Directions to Put-In:

From Asheville / Hendersonville Area: Take I-26 going towards Saluda. Stay on I-26 and go down the mountain into the Green River Gourge and get off at exit 59. When you come to the stop sign, make a left hand turn and go under the I-26 bridge, then drive past the on-ramp to go back towards Hendersonville, and make the very next left onto Green River Cove Rd. This is a windy road that will switch back on itself for 3 miles and drop you about 900 feet into the gourge. After going the 3 miles down into the gourge, Fishtop Access will be the first very large gravel area on your left, can't miss it. Park and then follow the obvious trail down to the rivers pool area. This is the place most people put in at, and this is where The Narrows paddlers take out at.

Directions to Take-Out:

From Fishtop Access: Exit the parking lot by making a left onto Green River Cove Rd. Travel 6 miles to another large gravel parking lot on your left, this is Big Rock Take-Out. This is the main place most people will take out at, and the last accessable place to the river before it runs into Lake Adger further down the mountain. There are several other road side places that you can takeout at including the next most popular one at the second bridge crossing over the river, about 4.5 miles from Fishtop Access.

Optional Put-In / Take-Out's: There are many other roadside areas that you can park at for different put-in and take-out combinations. Watch out for No Tresspassing and Private Property Signs and use what looks to be public pull off's to park at if you decide to put-in or take-out somewhere other than the designated access points of Fishtop and Big Rock parking areas.

Releases / Water Levels  Northbrook Power Management posts a rolling 3-day release schedule at this link http://carolinalakelevels.com/index.php/lake-summit  The releases are given in units; one unit at 100% is adequate, it's nicer if there has been recent rain and a little inflow from the side streams.  Two full units is sweet. That web page also lists the Lake Summit level, where 100.0 is totally full. Anything over that spills over the dam. A level of 100.4 means that the water spilling over the dam is approximately equivalent to 1 unit full (one unit at 100%).  There is also an annual recreational release schedule posted in a pdf file. 

Rapid Descriptions


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David Hutchens
6 years ago

7/14/13 lower Green River- on the left channel heading downstream at Little Corky near the end, there is a downed tree trunk across most of the river with only about 10 feet open near the far bank at river left to sneak by. Better to go down the channel on the right of the island there. It's been there about a week so far it seems.

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8 years ago

2007- 08-12...paddled the river the day after the area had recieved 10" (according to the tube rental) of rain the night before. It was big for this section, it was my second time on this river but my first in a whitewater kayak! Although my adrenaline was pummping I felt very comfortable and had a lot of fun...excellent training grounds or waters!

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dark side
9 years ago

This is a nice run for beginners with a bit of a challenge. Very little flat water and quite a few class twos plus a few class 2 + at decent flow.

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Anthony Chelena
10 years ago

Comment to Foster's description. At Little Corkys you have two islands and three routes. The far left is unrunable, the middle has a narrow channel but gets you to the biggest waves, the far right is safe and less exciting.

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11 years ago

Those are nice pictures of the narrows but id like to see some pictures of the actual reach.

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John Holmes
13 years ago

6 of us paddled today and had too much fun. First white water for all of us and it was a great beginner river. 2.5 hours of small rapids with just enough time in between to laugh about approaches and rocks that attacked us. Parking lots for putin and takeout were nice. We went early and missed all of the tubers that do the middle section. Rope swing half way down was also cool.

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Foster Lander
14 years ago

Here are the main rapids on this river:
Jacobs Ladder- a long s-turn like rapid but not much of a challenge
Big Corky- Very straight forward. Approach it from the right and stay right all the way down. Only thing to avoid is the big rock in the middle at the very bottom of the rapid. Eddy out river left at the bottom (after the rock). There is a beach at the bottom left that has "no trespassing" signs- the owner of this property is very grumpy.
A good surf spot we just call Surfers Rapid- basically just a riverwide ledge with a nice hole at the bottom.
Little Corky- This is the last rapid, right below Surfer's and just above the takeout. Run the right side of the island. Stay in the middle of the channel. Ends in a short, broken ledge.

No Gage

Gage Descriptions

For release information call: 828-698-2068 or visit The Green River Flows Page

Water is released from the Tuxedo Hydro Station and will range from 60%-200% depending on the level of Lake Summit in Hendersonville, and weather conditions. Flows from Big Hungry Creek (confluence above The Narrows) can change this run depending on rain amounts. The water takes about 4 hours to travel from the powerhouse to the put in.

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

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Green River Release Schedule Set for 2020 (NC)

Kevin Colburn

Last year, Northbrook Energy purchased the Tuxedo Hydropower Project from Duke Energy. This hydropower project provides the flows for the Class III+ Upper Green, the Class V Narrows, and the Class II Lower Green - all of which are popular whitewater runs. As the sale was underway, American Whitewater and others advocated for assurances in the contract that recreational releases would continue to follow a predictable pattern and be communicated as a forecast online. The contract contains these guarantees for the public, and earlier today river users got on the phone with the power company for a positive conversation confirming the 2020 schedule.

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Dam on North Carolina's Green River to be Sold

Kevin Colburn

Earlier today Duke Energy announced the pending sale of five hydropower dams in western North and South Carolina to Northbrook Energy. The pending sale includes the Tuxedo Hydropower Project, which regulates flows in the popular Green River below Lake Summit. Recreational releases and flow information will be continued under new ownership through a non-regulatory approach based on collaboration with American Whitewater and other leaders in the paddling community. 

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Comment Opportunity on the Green River Gamelands Plan (NC)

Kevin Colburn

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has released their draft management plan for the Green River Gamelands in North Carolina.  This plan addresses all uses and activities in the iconic Green River Narrows, as well as the Class III+ Upper Green and the Class II Lower Green. This place and this plan are important to many paddlers in the southeast and across the globe.  You can review the plan, and send in a comment by January 16th, 2015.

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Agency Asks for Green River Management Input (NC)

Kevin Colburn

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is hosting a public meeting to discuss a new management plan for the Green River Gamelands on the evening of August 1, 2013.  The new plan will inform how the Green River is protected and managed for at least the next decade.  The meeting announcement specifically welcomes kayakers and other recreationists to attend the meeting and offer their opinions.


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