Little Nestucca - HWY 30 Bridge near Muscott Creek to Fall Creek

Little Nestucca, Oregon, US


HWY 30 Bridge near Muscott Creek to Fall Creek

Usual Difficulty I-IV+ (for normal flows)

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-14303600 1400 - 4000 cfs I-IV+ 01h02m 929 cfs (too low)

River Description

This roadside run has 3 rapids seperated by stretches of class II. The take out is only 10 minutes from Pacific City (Oregon Coast).

The first rapid is long, about half a mile of fun and technical moves. Most of this can be scouted from the road.  At low flows there is one tricky drop halfway down that requires creative route picking.

 The next rapid is Stella Falls, which can be scouted from the left. It can be difficult to run this one with style, but it is fun and forgiving.

 The last rapid is a 6 foot drop that has been altered to help with fish migration. It is around a left hand turn with signs of bedrock, be cautious not to get blown into the drop.  The line is straight forward, but the consequences are severe.  Set safety on the left, or walk on either side.  Below here it is a short distance to the take out.  

The run has been done down to 1000 cfs in the Nestucca@Beaver gauge.  While the main rapids still go at that flow, the rest of the run gets pretty boney.  2000 cfs cleans up the run nicely, with the option to add plenty more water.


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Rapid Descriptions

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