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Difficulty IV-V(V+)
Length 0 Miles
Flow Range 1400 - 2000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 1 hour ago 45.4 [CFS] ℹ️
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River Description

By far the most amazing creeking experience I have ever had.  We were the third group to get on this in spring 2013, and I don't think anyone has been there since. This is because it takes a lot of rain to bring the creek up, and while the two ponds will help the creek hold water for a little while, it won't last more than a day after a long hard rain.

The put in is either at the mill pond or a little ways downstream where there is a pull-over. You will immediately dissapear into a surreal valley with an amazing mix of great technical but fun kayaking, beautiful forest scenery, and random surprizes along the way.

Although it is a short low volume run, the creek is basically falling off the face of the earth. You will have to scout everything. Expect lots of rock landings. Even though you will be heartbroken to have to walk a few drops because of the lack of pools to land in, you will get your fill of amazing slides and tricky little drops downstream.

Around halfway down you will come to a wider than usual riverwide horizon-line over what is clearly a tall drop. Get out on the left. This has been run with mixed results. By the time you come over the first half (35 foot drop) you'll barely be touching rock as you scream down the next 100 or so feet to the bottom. Watch out for the diagonal ledge that sticks up on the left. If you aren't ready to brace you'll be finishing the slide on your face.

From here the volume starts to increase, as does the size of the drops. The slides get bigger and more frequent. You'll have to scout each one to the end so you can be sure you won't fly off a cliff and land on rock.

Finally you will wind up at Rattlesnake Falls. Named because when we asked the friendly land owners if we could walk their property to scout and run laps they told us to look for rattlers. We didn't believe them, but the rapid winds all over and will certainly take a big bite out of you if you aren't on point as you pass under the bridge. Be sure to pull two strong right boof strokes or you'll be doing the rest backwards.

Paddle out to South Bay and follow the shore to your right. The takeout is in a hundred feet.


Portage Slide

Rattlesnake Falls



Eastern Adirondacks Reaches

Ausable, E. Branch                             Ausable, W. Branch (1.)                  Ausable, W. Branch (2.)                     Balm of Gilead Brook 

Boquet (2.)                                         Boquet (3.)                                        Boquet, N. Branch                           Boquet, S. Branch   

Boreas (1.)                                         Branch, The (Boquet trib.)                 Branch, The (Schroon trib.)               Cedar (1.) 

Cedar (2.)                                          Cold                                                   Deer Creek (Hudson Trib.)                Glen Creek

Hague Brook                                     Hudson (0.)                                         Hudson (1. Indian River to North River)             Hudson (2. North River to Riparius)

Hudson (3. Riparius to the Glen)         Indian (Hudson trib.)                         John's Brook                                     La Chute 

Mettawee                                          Mill Creek (Essex County)                    Mill Creek (Hudson trib.)                   North Creek 

Pike Brook                                         Poultney                                            Putnam Creek                                   Raquette (1.) 

Rock River                                         Schroon (North Hudson to Schroon Falls)            Schroon (Starbuckville to Riverbank)     Schroon (Warrensburg to Thurman Station)

Squaw Brook                                      Styles Brook                                     Thirteenth Brook                                Trout brook (Schroon trib)                    

West Mill Brook



South-Eastern Adirondack Area Reaches

Batten Kill                                          Beecher Creek                                         County Line Brook

Dunning Creek                                  East Stony Creek                                  Elbow Creek

Georgia Brook                                   Glen Creek                                             Holmes Lake Outlet

Hudson (3. Riparius to the Glen)       Hudson (4.)                                              Hudson (5.)

Hudson (6.)                                       Jimmy Creek                                             Mill Creek (Hudson trib.)

North Creek                                       Pike Brook                                                Piseco Outlet

Roaring Branch                                  Sacandaga (1.)                                        Sacandaga (2.)

Sacandaga, E. Branch (1.)                Sacandaga, E. Branch (2.)                       Sacandaga, E. Branch (3.)

Sacandaga, Middle Branch               Sacandaga, W. Branch (Upper)                Sacandaga, W. Branch (Lower) 

Sand Creek                                       Schroon (Starbuckville to Riverbank)         Schroon (Warrensburg to Thurman Station)

Stony Creek (1.)                                 Stony Creek (2.)                                    Tenant Creek

Wolf Creek


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Moose River Video

Mark Singleton

2010 marked the 25th anniversary of protecting the Black and Moose rivers!  View an online video documentary on the Moose River and the early role that American Whitewater played in protecting this amazing river.


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