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Difficulty III
Length 1.9 Miles
Flow Range 200 - 1600 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 1 hour ago 12 [CFS] ℹ️
Reach Info Last Updated 09/13/2017 9:10 pm

River Description

Rainbow Gardens(3/3+): Rainbow Gardens: Below the Rainbow Gardens restaurant/gift shop, the river eases to class III with more brush lined banks. There are numerous putin and take out options; normal putin is above the footbridge. A secondary surf wave under the putin footbridge can be good at higher levels. Some good eddy-hopping follows, with varying amounts of brush. A putin at the top of the Dino park fencing brings the difficulty down a small step, since its below a couple of the larger drops in this section.
A small surf wave is below the next straightaway, near some small dinosaur statues in the park (Velociraptor wave? :-) ) 
A left turn behind the dinosaur park leads to a rocky area that has a hole at higher flows. The river left has better visibility.
The Dino 
wave just downstream of the Dinosaur park is ok at most levels; kind of a side surf  at low flows; rather good around 700-850cfs.  The Sports Park is the end of the class III. At lower flows wood tends to collect toward the bottom of the Sports park, on a couple of mid-river rocks. Then you pass under Harrison Ave, which has a good left eddy under the bridge, and some bridge-pillar-slalom moves.
After a straightaway with some problematic Russian Olive thorn trees, you approach the botanical garden, and the river bends right and has a few channels. Right or center usually go well. Watch for wood in this area.  The botanical garden has parking and takeouts, or go under Monroe bridge on the left,  and try the surf wave under the Gramercy Ave bridge (best from 750 to 950cfs). Take out river left below Gramercy, or down by the next footbridge. Watch for fish hooks in the trees over the river, all through the town section. Do not leave valuables visible in your car. The foot bridges at Lorin Farr can be a mandatory roll at high flows (a probable portage or takeout over 900 cfs). Slackwater restaurant is another good takeout, with parking that seems a bit more secure. 

Although short, Rainbow Gardens can be a good step up from Hen-Tag, with cleaner water, and a bikeable or walkable shuttle. 

Rainbow Gardens putin parking: Standard parking/meeting place now is the gravel turnout off of the Ogden Canyon road, see the map tab. Its closer to the river than the restaurant parking lot. Do not park in front of the restaurant. There is no reason to park behind the restaurant any more either, but if you do, use the signed spots for trail users, not the spots restricted for Rainbow Gardens customers. 
You can putin upstream below the old road bridge, to add a hundred yards. 
See the Narrows description for Pineview reservoir links. 

Rapid Descriptions

Dino wave

Class - N/A Mile - 0.72
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

There is an interesting surf wave at medium levels behind the Dinosaur park. 

Sports park takeout

Class - N/A Mile - 0.93
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

A possible takeout is in the middle of the sports park, after the last class 3 drop. There are many possible takeouts actually; there is one right by the pavilion that is closer to the parking.


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Directions Description

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Green River Boat Passage Officially Open! - UT

2017-04-06 14:07:00-04
Kestrel Kunz

American Whitewater staff traveled to Green River, UT in late March to meet with private water users and state agencies, and to participate in the official opening of the new boat passage through the Green River Diversion (Tusher Dam). Completion of the boat passage has freed the Green River from its last in-stream obstruction between the Flaming Gorge Dam and the confluence with the Colorado River – over 400 floatable river miles through iconic canyons and historic landmarks. It has a been a long process, and our work isn’t over yet! As your boating representative, American Whitewater will continue to work closely with the dam operators and Utah’s Division of State Lands (FFSL) to ensure that the boat passage meets the needs of the public during its inaugural year.


Bill Hunt


Kestrel Kunz