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Difficulty II+
Length 1.5 Miles
Flow Range 150 - 650 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 23 minutes ago 120 [CFS] ℹ️
Reach Info Last Updated 07/09/2017 9:47 pm

River Description

The Ogden through town offers some easier sections that are good for learning at low to medium flows.
A very short section with an official-looking putin would be below Grant Ave, to the "Crystal" wave below Wall Ave, by the Walmart. There are many possible putins, the furthest upstream that is still class 2 would be at the botanical garden above Monroe Ave. There is a popular surf wave under the Gramercy street bridge. Beware of fishhooks in the bushes along this run. 

At 550 cfs, the Lincoln bridge has two feet of clearance. 
If the level is over 520 cfs on the Ogden near Gibson USGS gauge,  and Lincoln Ave is a portage, another short section that is generally still a good intro would be below Lincoln to Crystal wave. There is a gravel turnout for parking on the south side of the river at Lincoln. 

Crystal wave  is normally the end of this section. You could float another couple hundred yards, but you would need to pack your boat back to the Walmart lot, as driving is no longer allowed along the river in that area. Right now (April 2017) there is riverwide wood a few hundred yards below the Crystal wave, on the third railroad bridge. (Bank scouting is recommended before paddling below there; as there is a lot of wood. The "car drop" is behind the 21st street pond, then some brushy meanders lead to the confluence with the Weber. If you paddle below the confluence, be aware of the large diversion dam .4 miles below the confluence,  and scout your takeout along 17th south and 1200W)

Rapid Descriptions


Gage Descriptions

Since the addition of the USGS Ogden near Gibson gauge, this section is very well gauged.,00060,72020,00010,00095,00300,63680

Directions Description

Ogden town run: When there is water (200+ suggested), the town run makes for a good warmup or beginner run, although brush and wood can be an issue. 
A putin at the botanical garden above Monroe would extend this class 2+ section a bit.
The wave under the Grammercy bridge can be  good at higher levels. 
Beware of thorn trees like Russian olives leaning over the river. Fishing lures are also common in the bushes. 

Below Wall Ave near the Walmart, is the new "Crystal wave", a nice front surf that is popular with standup paddleboarders as well as kayaks. In the summer dozens of tubers and swimmers are usually enjoying this area, and it may be a little crowded for a kayak. 
Crystal wave is a normal takeout. You can go a couple hundred yards further if desired. 

Going past the footbridge below the Crystal wave is not recommended for beginners, as there is a railroad bridge that collects wood, and portaging here may be considered tresspassing.  Heading under this bridge can have that "going into uncharted territory" feeling, and the brush can be thick. You will find the "car drop", behind the 21st street pond. Beware of trees underwater extending from the left bank in the car drop.  Be aware that homeless camps may be in the woods in this area. There is a nice bike path along the confluence with the Weber river, which allows for scouting of the wood and brush situation if you want to explore down to the confluence. Below the confluence, the diversion dam at 1200W requires a takeout or portage. At some levels there is an interesting surf wave, which is unfortunately close to this diversion structure. Its also possible to go down the canal on the left, and takeout on 1250 W near Stevens Henager college. There are quite a few beavers and birds below the confluence, and although its in the city, the waterway is little-travelled. 
Below the 1200W diversion is flat water that is occasionally canoed; and might be ok on a SUP. 

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Green River Boat Passage Officially Open! - UT

Kestrel Kunz

American Whitewater staff traveled to Green River, UT in late March to meet with private water users and state agencies, and to participate in the official opening of the new boat passage through the Green River Diversion (Tusher Dam). Completion of the boat passage has freed the Green River from its last in-stream obstruction between the Flaming Gorge Dam and the confluence with the Colorado River – over 400 floatable river miles through iconic canyons and historic landmarks. It has a been a long process, and our work isn’t over yet! As your boating representative, American Whitewater will continue to work closely with the dam operators and Utah’s Division of State Lands (FFSL) to ensure that the boat passage meets the needs of the public during its inaugural year.


Bill Hunt


Kestrel Kunz


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