Stonycreek River - 3 - Lower Stony

Stonycreek River, Pennsylvania, US


3 - Lower Stony (Carpenter's Park to Greenhouse Park)

Usual Difficulty II-III (varies with level)
Length 3.7 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Stonycreek River at Ferndale, PA
usgs-03040000 630 - 4000 cfs II-III 01h07m 779 cfs (running)

River Description

The section of the Stonycreek between Carpenter’s Park Bridge and Greenhouse Park is often referred to as the “Lower Stony”   This is an easier and shorter section than the Canyon and is often used for beginner trips.  It can be run anytime the Canyon is runnable; although at 450 cfs this section gets scrappy at the end.  Unfortunately, there is no warm up except in the water under the Carpenter’s Park bridge.  It starts with about a 1/4 mile stretch of class II water (with few good eddies), a short breather, and a class III (the only one on the river) rapid under the Rt 219 bridge.  After this there a handful of mainly class II rapids and riffles as you paddle down to Tire Hill.  About 1/2 mile below the Tire Hill bridge there is a pipeline that can be tricky in high water, stay right.  Below that is Greenhouse Park and the take-out.  This section is relatively easy for people in whitewater boats and some experience; but inexperienced paddlers are tempted to paddle it in flatwater boats and often swim.  Also note that when the Stony is high (above 4′ on the Carpenter’s Park bridge) this section also gets bigger and harder.

See the Benscreek Canoe Club Stonycreek Watershed Page.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Carpenter Park Put-inN/APutin
0.5McNally Bridge RapidIII
1.7Hell HoleII+
3.2Krink's PipelineII+Hazard
3.7Greenhouse ParkIITakeout Playspot

Rapid Descriptions

Carpenter Park Put-in (Class N/A)

Put-in is on river right just below the Carpenter Park bridge.

McNally Bridge Rapid (Class III, Mile 0.5)

Directly below the 219 bridge, the river bends from left to right. Here you will find a nice sized wave train and holes, with some rock features on river left that the river will push you towards.

Hell Hole (Class II+, Mile 1.7)

Further downstream, the river will start to narrow into a channel a bit with a steep cliff face on the river left side. As the river narrows down, a wave train will form, with a couple of good sized holes in there. This rapid is named for the graffiti on the rocks on river left at the end of the rapid.

Krink's Pipeline (Class II+, Mile 3.2)

About 1/2 mile below the Tire Hill bridge there is a pipeline that can be tricky in high water, stay far right. There is an easy slide over there to run.

Greenhouse Park (Class II, Mile 3.7)

Man-made whitewater park at the takeout that has several features to work on paddling skills, and a nice wide surf hole.

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