Difficulty IV(V)
Length 2.25 Miles
Gauge Washougal At Hathaway Park
Flow Range 3000 - 7500 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 2 weeks ago 165 [CFS]
Reach Info Last Updated 02/27/2020 10:38 pm

River Description

This is a short and sweet run with a take out less than an hour from Portland that runs when the rain falls heavy.
Logistically easy and short enough for a half day trip. The first half of the trip is on Hagen Creek itself, with numerous bedrock drops that can be scouted.  The only tricky spot is identifying the eddy above Euphoria if you are not following a guide , where the creek makes a sharp left with a small creek draining in on river right into the scouting eddy which is small and guarded by a rock.
Other than that most of Hagen is scoutable, forgiving and ledgy with Hagen Daaz being the tallest at just over 10'.
Once at the confluence with the NW Fork Washougal, immediately scout Teakettle from the right.  Teakettle is powerful.
More class III-IV leads to Cracken, a narrow double drop that is powerful but more forgiving than it looks.  Contrary to how it looks from shore, the top drop is the crux of the rapid.  If you don't know the run be ready to grab a quick eddy on the left at the end of some class II-III to avoid going over without a scout.
More boogie below Cracken leads to the take out bridge.
Flows:  The Washougal gauge is nice for guessing when Hagen will run, but you never know what level you have for sure until you get to the creek. 
There is a physical gauge at the take out for Hagen.  10ish inches is a fun, but lowish flow.  15" is medium, above 20" is starting to feel high and it's best if you already know the run and like juicy flows.
The run has been done as high as 29/30" a number of times and possibly higher, this is the high end of runnable and not recommended.  Those flows are for paddlers interested in pushing high water limits.
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First descent from Oregon Kayaking
The perspective in 2016 hasn't changed much, but the put in has.  



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