Difficulty IV
Length 1.5 Miles
Flow Range 250 - 800 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 1 hour ago 19.6 [CFS]
Reach Info Last Updated 07/08/2019 8:37 pm

River Description

Flows:  500 cfs on the Boulder Creek gauge was a perfect medium flow for Calf Creek.  It seemed like it could be done higher or lower, though the run seemed like it would be more enjoyable high than low.  A visual assessment to make sure it looks like a fun, safe level to you is necessary though.  If flows are near 1,000 cfs on the Boulder Creek gauge, it is likely this run would not be enjoyable for class IV paddlers.  This run does not get done very often, so play it safe and make good decisions.

The stream could be run higher or lower than recommended on this page, but it's users choice.

Stream:   At 500 cfs Calf Creek was a fun, splashy class IV run down to the North Umpqua with two scouts.  The first is half a mile into the run and is a fun slide that is hard to see from above but can be glimpsed from the shuttle.  It is fine to run down the center if clear of wood (it was squeeky clean in 2017).  The second horizon line is not far downstream, this ledge is taller and has a significant hole at medium flows and above.  There are many fun lines to choose from, take your pick.  Walking around on the right bank is easy here.  The last distinct rapid is just below the final road bridge over Calf Creek, it is a little hard to see over the horizon and around the corner from a boat, but center-left over the first ledge then following the current the rest of the way was fine in 2017.  Aside from those three rapids the creek was all fun read and run, nothing more than class IV, but not much less either.  Right at the confluence was a log in 2017, fortunately there is a convenient take out within site of the confluence at a primitive campground just upstream of that hazard.  It is also possible to continue downstream through section 3 on the North Umpqua.

This is an obscure Oregon stream, so boaters who are not comfortable dealing with wood might not be comfortable on this run.  While there was only one quick log portage in 2017, that could change.

It's a quick run, so consider combining it with other nearby streams:

North Umpqua

Limpy Creek

Copeland Creek

Steamboat Creek (UpperLower)

Canton Creek


Directions:  From Hwy 138 along the North Umpqua, turn onto NF-4750 towards Horshoe Bend Campground (30 miles East of Glide).  Instead of turning into the campground, continue on NF-4750 to the other side of the North Umpqua.  Immediately after reaching the river-left side of the North Umpqua, there is a primitive campground on the right that makes for a good take out.

To get to the put in, continue 1.5 miles on NF-4750 until it crosses Calf Creek a second time.  Put in at this bridge.

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