Mayo, N. Fork - Va Route 629 to NC Route 1359

Mayo, N. Fork, North Carolina, US/Virginia, US


Va Route 629 to NC Route 1359

Usual Difficulty II-III (for normal flows)
Avg. Gradient 15 fpm
Max Gradient 20 fpm

The Mayo, N.C.

The Mayo, N.C.
Photo by Chris Tate

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02070500 200 - 10000 cfs II-III 00h28m 954 cfs (running)
Upper limit for best boatability uncertain. Please help your fellow boaters with a comment or report.

River Description

The north fork is mostly class I water with 2 or 3 class II ledges. It flows through beautiful woods with little sign of civilization. After it joins the south fork to form the Mayo there is a section of class III water. This section starts with a complicated series of ledges (the Stairsteps) then a 3 foot ledge (the Boiling Hole) then another series of ledges. This section which runs beside Mayo Beach Road (NC route 1359) is a favorite playspot.
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Last Updated: 2009-08-21 11:18:21

Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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May 15 2014 (1711 days ago)
Phillip ConradDetails
The address given for the take out is the Anglin Mill Road Bridge over the Mayo River. The take out
is actually on Old Anglin Mill Loop Road. This is a gravel road 8/10 mile east of the Anglin Mill
Road Bridge. Turn on the gravel road next to the small green concrete block house. If coming from
Smith Road. go 8/10 mile west from Smith Road to the gravel road next to the green concrete block
April 19 2014 (1737 days ago)
lescott (151302)
The AWA level given for the North Fork Mayo is NOT the North Fork but a COMBINATION of the North
and South Forks. To arrive at the true reading for the North Fork, subtract the South Fork from the
North Fork's AWA gauge. Or simply go to the Virginia USGS website where there are separate readings
for the North and South Forks....2' foot or less==low run....a play run is closer to 3'. Le Scott
June 24 2009 (3497 days ago)
x (1)
6/24/2009 There have been a few of us playing at the boiling hole since spring. The locals seem to
be friendly, however they tend to get wild as the beer flow picks up. No real issues so far. If
your polite they seem to be polite back. Still would'nt leave any gear unattended. The Rockingham
County Sheriff is suposed to start their patrols again now that summer is here. That should curb
the underage drinking, and excess vehicle traffic. SYOTW- GM
August 9 2005 (4912 days ago)
k hessDetails
Went this past Sunday and it was awesome, great place to play and practice. It would be nice to
have the police come check out the area...had a lot of young people drinking and carrying on..had
to pack up and leave did not feel comfortable with the atmosphere. If the police checked in more
often it would be a great place for us to play and practice.
April 18 2004 (5390 days ago)
g LamkeDetails
Just returned from this spot. They are fixing the bridge at the exit from 220 to horsepasture road,
so take the next one to the south. Very nice short spot with a pleasant Policeman and his K-9
partner patrolling the area (when we went). Gage height was 2.5 which was good.
January 31 2002 (6198 days ago)
Joseph GreinerDetails
Even though Joe G has posted this, it is actually from an email by Justin Emmert (local boater)
dated 1/28/2002. It is a comment on levels. Justin's comments-The boiling hole can be played at
just about any level. I played in it this summer at levels as low as .75 . I use the usgs gauge for
levels. The best levels are 1.6 and above for running the river. i have run it as low as 1.2, but
it was not a fun trip. Typically there is no problem with the local hicks this time of year when
the river is running because they can't get their atv's across from their hangout on river right. I
have not seen the sheriff's deputies since the public put in and take out were built. I would not
park my car at the boiling hole like we used to though. If the river is at 1.6 and above like it
should be this weekend, run the whole thing. It's a nice run. We ran it Sunday and had a great
time. We will probably run it this weekend again, maybe Saturday and Sunday.. See you on the river.
September 2 2001 (6349 days ago)
Jeff JohnstonDetails
There are now two county maintained access sites on either end of the Mayo Beach road, ending any
concerns about legal access on this part of the river. One is at the north end of Mayo Beach road
under the Anglin Mill Road bridge, between the Stairsteps and the Boiling Hole. The next is about
1.5 miles below the first at the south end of the road.