Rocky Branch - Box canyon

Rocky Branch, Ohio, US


Box canyon

Usual Difficulty IV+ (for normal flows)
Length 1 Miles

River Description

This little creek is possibly one of the best solid whitewater in Ohio. You need a lot of rain, but it can get way too high for mortal boaters. It has almost everything in a short, very committing box canyon or slot canyon. The river has been featured in some local waterfall guides, and the residents of Springfield all seem to know about the waterfall at the end. (It used to be a high school field trip location.)

The access points on this run do not list the put in. It is possible to get in right above the main action. However, most of this is on private land (and the owners are rich). After you find your best access point, the creek will start out with open uninteresting flat water, likely with at least a few downed trees. As it makes a hard turn and drops over some sliding ledges, you'll be just above the slot canyon. From this point onward, the river is constant class IV, with very little chance to scout or escape if there are trees in the rapids. At medium-to-higher flows the canyon is a very fast run with some extremely solid holes, very tight drops, and a few ledges. Swims will hurt, and if you have a long boat it is totally possible to pin it perpendicular to the river. The slot canyon ends with a great ledge drop into a big hole and and undercut. From there, it’s a short paddle to the take out.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0The box canyonIVPutin Takeout Waterfall Playspot

Rapid Descriptions

The box canyon (Class IV)

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