Gunpowder Falls - 3. Masemore Road to Monkton Road

Gunpowder Falls, Maryland, US


3. Masemore Road to Monkton Road

Usual Difficulty I-II (for normal flows)
Length 7.5 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Gunpowder Falls Parkton/Glenco Average
virtual-250389 97 - 1050 cfs I-II 01h11m 986.5 cfs (running)
usgs-01581920 90 - 1000 cfs I-II 01h09m 473 cfs (running)
usgs-01582500 105 - 1100 cfs I-II 00h54m 1500 cfs (too high)

River Description

Tom Resch shared:

Paddled from Masemore Road to Blue Mount Road on May 10, 2004. Level was right around 2' (~100-120 cfs). Lots of dead wood down but everything was passable. Thanks to the kind soul or souls who cleared paths through the strainers that previously had to be portaged. For those who have never paddled this stretch, it's a very scenic PN run...most of your trouble will come from the dead wood but anyone with good boat control should have no problems. Quarry Rapid, at the end of the run, will delight the novice paddler.


Buddy H posted, on the Monocacy Canoe Club Message Board:
The Bunker Hill Road access to the Gunpowder has been changed by the MD DNR. They have cleared an area uphill from the river and old parking lot. This is the parking lot to leave cars, while the old lot by the bridge abutment will become a no parking area used for dropping off and picking up. Nothing has changed on the North side of Bunker Hill Road.

Ed Evangelidi testifies:

No question that the short whitewater stretch [Below Prettyboy to Falls Rd.] is also the prettiest part of the run. However, on a hot summer day, it is hard to beat the rest of the run [running down to Big Falls, Blue Mont or Monkton Rds.]. It takes less water to negotiate the shallow spots here and it is in a pretty state park from Falls Road to Big Falls Road. Then comes a stretch through an active quarry with man made Class 2 rapids and finally a very long stretch of fairly easy water but with bikers whizzing by on a nearby bike path and floating tuber congestion in season. The confluence of the creek and Little Falls has a great swimming hole on river left where the cold Gunpowder water mixes with the warmer tributary.

There are a couple of access points on this run.  Starting from the top (Access - river miles) they are:  Masemore Road - 0.0, Bunker Hill Road - 1.3, York Road - 2.1, Big Falls Road - 4.4, Blue Mont Road - 5.2, Monkton Road - 7.5.  This river length was created to indicate a stretch where the river level is best described as an average of the Parkton and Glencoe gauges, not necessarily what might be a usual run.  A usual run might be from Masemore Road to Blue Mount Road (a total of 5.2 miles) or Monkton Road (a total of 7.5 miles).  Summer Parking can be an issue at both the Blue Mount and Monkton accesses so it's wise to get there early.  Big Falls Road access has plenty of roadside parking, and Quarry Rapid (II-) -- the run's only rapid is immediately downstream from the Big Falls Road access.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
4.5"Quarry Rapid"II

Rapid Descriptions

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