Difficulty II-III(IV)
Length 2.5 Miles
Gauge Smith At Jedediah Smith
Flow Range 10000 - 20000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 57 minutes ago 224 [CFS]
Reach Info Last Updated 09/17/2019 3:31 pm

River Description


Flows:  You can get a peak at Craigs Creek across the SF Smith a short detour upstream from the take out.  Visually assess whether it looks like a good flow to you.  The Smith gauge @ Jedediah can be used to ballpark flows as indicated in the flow range on this page.


Stream:  An intermediate level adventure in the Smith drainage.

No hiking is involved, but you probably want to be somewhat navigationally savvy and have a vehicle with a little clearance, a Subaru should do it.

Not long after putting on you arrive at Craigs List, the stand out rapid on Craigs Creek.  If flows are up, take a peak, it'll be obvious when you get there.

The majority of the run below Craigs List involves easy floating with the occasional class III and branch to dodge.

Near the confluence with the SF Smith the whitewater picks back up and there is some fast paced class IV down to the confluence.  There are line options here, some go, some don't so tread carefully.  After reaching the SF Smith, it's about 200 yards of easy floating down to the take out on the left that should be marked when setting shuttle.  If you pass the take out you will quickly find yourself in the SF Smith Gorge, which is class V at the flows required to run Craigs Creek.


Check the images for a map, if you need step by step directions the MF Smith is roadside and would be a better option for you.


*Craigs List:  This run is kind of like a Craigslist exchange.  You drive down an oddball road to an out there place you haven't ever been before.  The product looks good for a bit, but once you get further into the situation you realize it's not exactly everything you thought it might be.  At the end everything happens pretty quick and you finish the deal, and on the way home you are unsure whether that was a good expenditure of time and energy, maybe you should have just gone to the department store that is tried and true?  Or maybe it was really about the adventure and acquiring the product was but a catalyst.







Rapid Descriptions


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Chip Dixon
2 months ago

This run is in California, not Oregon...

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