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Tye - 2. Massies Mill to US 29

Tye, Virginia, US


2. Massies Mill to US 29 (Middle Tye)

Usual Difficulty I-II+(III) (for normal flows)
Length 13 Miles
Avg. Gradient 15 fpm

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02027000 400 - 10000 cfs I-II+(III) 00h40m 217 cfs (too low)

River Description

The middle section of the Tye encompasses a long section of this river and is paddled much less frequently than the sections above and below this one. There are some possible access points that could divide this section up into more manageable sections, but several of these are posted/no trespassing.

The section is generally class I-II, with possibly more difficult rapids at higher water levels. The usual possible hazards of fallen trees in sections of the river exist.

NOTE: In the section above the Rt. 151 bridge there is a dangerous low-water bridge. This can form a very dangerous hydraulic feature. I believe this hazard is the Snugdale Lane bridge. Snugdale Lane intersects with Rt. 56 (37.795394, -79.001735) . Know the location of this hazard before you start your trip and have a plan for getting out of the river well above the bridge, in order to portage.

Optional access points (in order, travelling downstream):

1. Roseland: Rt. 151 bridge near Mac's Market (Mac's Country Store). There is ample parking downstream of the bridge on the river-left (east) side. This is close to the river but you will need to carry your boat through some low brush and rocks. Look out for poision ivy in the warmer months.

2. POSTED?: Rt. 56 bridge, west of Saunders' Farm Market. THIS POINT MAY BE POSTED AND NOT CURRENTLY ACCESSIBLE. Not recommended.

3. UNKNOWN: Old Rose Mill Rd. bridge over Tye R. (37.685850, -78.964073). We do not know the accessibility of this access point. Not recommended.

4. South Powell Island Rd: this is the access point used in maps and description on this webpage. There are several pull-outs along this road as it parallels the Tye River. Some areas are posted and cannot be used. Others are open. Use your judgement. Some folks use an access point known as "Hippie Hole."

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Rapid Descriptions

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November 28 2018 (49 days ago)
Shucksyall (159982)
LOTS of new wood (11/22/18)including a new riverwide strainer about 8 miles from put in was
passable to the left at a level of 850cfs but is sketchy. Also another large strainer right before
the railroad trestle after 29 bridge . again left is the best choice but at lower levels I imagine
a portage might be necessary . Will be bringing a saw with me next time and will update if cleared