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Difficulty I
Length 17 Miles
Flow Range 275 - 3300 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 27 minutes ago 405 [CFS] 👍 ℹ️ ⚠️
Reach Info Last Updated 12/11/2019 4:32 pm

River Description

Full run is 17 miles long - moving and flat water, depending upon level.  First C&O Campground is Evitts Creek hiker/biker camp at approximately 1 mile from put-in.  Evitts Creek Aquaduct will be passed at about 1.4 miles below put-in.  Iron Mountain C&O hiker/biker campground on MD side and boat ramp on WV side (access road under railroad bridge) is about 8.4 miles from top.  Spring Gap  C&O hiker/biker campground and boat ramp is about 10.6 miles from the top.  Pigman's Ferry  C&O hiker/biker campground is about 15.0 miles from the top. 

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Gage Descriptions

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Directions Description

To get to put-in (as per Gertler), take Virginia Ave to Offutt Street in South Cumberland and follow it to the end to a town park.  A dirt road on the downstream perimeter will take you almost to the river bank.  The Oldtown Toll Bridge take-out should be on most maps.

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Upper Yough Access Guidelines and Fundraiser

Charlie Walbridge

At Maryland's Upper Yough, one of the country's finest whitewater runs, American Whitewater has been maintaining the Sang Run Access for the past 20 years. With the 4th of July weekend coming up, a quick reminder that we are guests of the Town of Friendsville when we take out. In addition changing clothes discretely ad behaving respectfully, please observe social distancing during the pandemic. Garrett County has a low infection rate, and a mask when patronizing local businesses is the norm. We are also beginning our annual fundraiser to pay the expenses American Whitewater has at Sang Run. Out goal is $1,000, and we have already received $160. The Fee Box at Sang Run is still closed due to vandalism. We suggest $20 for the full season; $5 for one weekend. Please donate on line, or use the donation jar at the Wilderness Voyageurs shop at the takeout. Please go to and put "Upper Yough Access" in the comment box.

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Don Millard - AW Super Upper Yough Access Volunteer!

Charlie and Sandy Walbridge

American Whitewater super-volunteer Don Millard has been taking care of the Sang Run and Friendsville Access Areas on Maryland's Upper Youghioghenny River for the past several years. This bulds on a 2003 agreement between American Whitewater and Maryland State Parks, which owns the property. This year he rebuilt the change house and porta-pot shelter, set AW's sign back up, filled in potholes, and mowed acres of grass. He not only did the work, he donated the materials and machine time! This work givezs AW strong ties to the community (the place is also a fishing access) and local park managers. Also, thanks to him, boaters are not faced with a $5 access fee at both ends! Please remember, the pandemic is still on. Be smart. If you use the porta-pot, wash your hands or use sanitizer!

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Cheat Canyon Settlement Reached; Land Set Aside for Endangered Species

Charles Walbridge

After two years of intense negotiations an agreement reached to protect endangered species in the Cheat River Canyon. Allegheny Wood Products acquired roughly 5,000 acres in the Cheat Canyon below Albright, WV in 2003 for $9.75 million. When they began building roads and cutting trees the following year the government took no steps to enforce the Endangered Species Act. A lawsuit was filed in 2005 by Friends of Blackwater Canyon, the WV Chapter of the Sierra Club, and the Cheat Lake Environmental and Recreational Association. Although American Whitewater was not a party to the litigation we are gratified that an agreement was reached and commend both parties for their efforts.

Tony Allred Jr


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