Difficulty V
Length 0.8 Miles
Gauge Spruce Run at Main Street at Glen Gardner NJ
Flow Range 400 - 1200 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 37 minutes ago ~ 17.5 [CFS] ℹ️
Reach Info Last Updated 01/13/2020 6:26 pm

River Description

This run is Full-On. With an average gradient of about 285 fpm (390 fpm for the last half mile) and only 3 or 4 individually identifiable drops, this creek just doesn't stop. It's all jumbled boulder piles and chunky ledges, and none of them are smooth. There are no big waterfalls, or slides, and very few eddies. Grab them when, and if, you can.

It's entirely roadside and within Teetertown Preserve in Hunterdon County, so you can scout the entire run as you drive (or walk) shuttle. It's got a small drainage (~2.7 sq. mi.), and despite the swampy land it drains, it will flash up and down quickly. Have your gear ready, watch the forecasts and bring your A game. A swim, or even a roll here could be very painful. 

Despite how continuous it is, three spots stand out as individual rapids. Each deserves special attention during scouting.  

Look for the Spruce Run gauge to be heading straight up as an indication that this might run. You'll need about 350 cfs at Spruce Run to bang down Teetertown Ravine. The gauge is at the bottom of Spruce Run's drainage, so it's probably about 2 hours ahead of what's going on at Teetertown.  (In other words, if the water has just peaked on Spruce Run, it did that on Teetertown about 2 hours ago. If it's heading straight up, the water got to Teetertown already, so Get your butt over there!)

On our first descent (Mike Pennucci ran at least half of this run in the late 90's but portions of it were clogged with strainers) the Spruce Run gauge had peaked at 500cfs, then come back down to 336 and stayed there for an hour or two before dropping. We caught it in that pause.

Rapid Descriptions


Class - V Mile - 0.1
This is the first feature that really stands out from the general maelstrom of this little creek. It's bony and bangy, and once you get to it you know you're In.


Class - V Mile - 0.2
This is the BIG one on the Run. Hit it hard off the hump in the middle. There's lot's of pin potential to produce agony on either side as you launch. 


Class - V Mile - 0.3
After necking down to a narrow flume, this one starts with a boof (aim left) then drops through 4 more ledges as it goes around the bend away from the road.  There are plenty of opportunities to get frustratingly pinned or broached, so have a plan before you enter. 


Class - IV+ Mile - 0.4
After a small rocky "island" splits the creek (right side is probably more clear) you'll enter this. It consists of a series of chunky ledges that lead up to a bouncy flume on the left. You'll be ecstatic to see that the bridge is right up ahead as you finish. 

(the photo shows the final flume)


Gage Descriptions

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Directions Description

From Califon, go North on Rt. 513.
Turn Left onto Maple Ln.
after about a mile, turn right onto Hollow Brook Rd. 

No Accident Reports




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