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Difficulty I-II
Length 4.9 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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Carolina Whitewater, B.Benner

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mack roebuck
5 years ago

Flint Mill Hole is a fun complex rapid with different combinations of lines. It is easy to carry back up and run multiple, different lines. The hole at the bottom is sticky and feeds to the right "up against the wall redneck mother" (courtesy of Jerry Jeff Walker). The hole is avoidable with a strong left boof. Or run through the hole and maintain a left angle to avoid a knuckle scraping flip against the rock wall. Downside: If you are running during a millpond release, the water is very muddy. Dale Swanson is trying to eventually flush out the bottom of the 100+ year old pond. On the plus side, if you are there during a release try to visit the museum quality mill. Speaking of Dale. Why doesn't he have a comment? He is Snow Creek.

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Ben Kelble
8 years ago

This creek is not runable without a release from the mill pond or rain, We paddled it on a release and it was a nice little run. There are numerous class 1 rapids one that is a borderline 2 and the Flint Mill Hole that is an honest 3. The mill hole is a bit nasty because it runs you up against a rock face river right. I have not run that rapid as the only time I have done the run I was in an open tandem canoe with no bags. I plan on getting back to run it in my WW boat. Update: I have run the Mill Hole 2 times, one clean and one dislocated shoulder. there is a eddy on either side of the entrance to catch or just bomb down the center staying a bit left. it is a solid class 3. The Mill Pond is flushing regularly now and there have been 6 runs.

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