Grass, Lower S. Branch - Twin Falls

Grass, Lower S. Branch, New York, US


Twin Falls (State Put-in to Degrasse)

Usual Difficulty IV-V (for normal flows)
Length 6.5 Miles
Avg. Gradient 60 fpm
Max Gradient 150 fpm

Twin Falls

Twin Falls
Photo of Judy Wolf by Andrew Jillings taken OCT '03

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-04262500 800 - 2000 cfs IV-V 00h20m 307 cfs (too low)

River Description

This is the best section of the Grass! The character of the run is classic Adirondack "Pool-Big Drop" with sticky holes at high flows. Rainbow Falls, a.k.a. "Large Marge"5.1+ (Bigger than Magilla) and "Twin Falls" IV+ (Beefed up Fowlersville Falls w/o the hole) are the "Big Drops" of note. They are spectacular! There are six other distinctive CL IV-IV+ rapids that are separated by some CL III+ rapids and a few stretches of flatwater. The area is very scenic so relax and enjoy until you approach the next horizon line. The run is essentially roadside, but the road is seldom visible. The road is always river right.


Take Out: (Degrasse)

From Watertown take the Ft Drum/RT 342 exit off I-81. Drive Past Ft. Drum on 342 to Rt 3. Turn Left (NE) on RT 3 and go 14mi past Harrisville.

From Harrisville drive 14 miles to County Rd 27A (2.2 mi past Fine & County Rd 58). Turn Left (N) on County Rd 27A. (You cross the East Branch of the Oswegatchie just after you make the turn on to 27A.) After 3/4mi on 27A you intersect County Rd 27, turn right (N) on CR 27 which takes you to Degrasse. Turn R. at the Intersection in Degrasse and cross the bridge. This is the take out. Check the visual gauge and scout the last rapid from the bridge.

From I-90 Albany/Utica take RT 12 in Utica N. to Lowville. Take 812 from Lowville which intersects RT 3 just S. of Harrisville. (Follow directions above from Harrisville.)

From Canada drive to Canton, NY. Take 68 SE (7.9mi) to Pierrepont and turn right (SW)on County RD 24. Take CR 24 for 5.5mi to CR 27 and turn left(S). Drive 9.75mi S. on CR 27 to Degrasse and the take out bridge. Check the visual gauge and scout the last rapid from the bridge.

Put-in: From Degrasse take Toole Pond Rd 5.9mi SE to the State Parking area (Brown and Yellow signs) which is on the right (south) side of the Rd. Take the short walk down the trail to the river.

Near by Runs:
Grass: Cranberry Lake Section (S. Branch)(III-V), Copper Falls Section (S. Branch)(III-V) Middle Branch (III-IV+, V), Lampson Falls Section (III-V) & North Branch (II-III, V+)
Oswegatchie: East(IV-VI), Middle(IV-V+,VI-) & West(IV-V+) Branches,
Raquette: Stone Valley(IV-V)

Food & Gas: Harrisville or Canton are your best bets for Food and Gas.


Canton - Cranberry Lake Area Reaches

Boland Creek                                                   Elm Creek 

Grass (1. Lampsons Falls to Downerville)       Grass (2. Downerville to Russell)      

Grass (3. Morley to Massena)                    Grass (4.Woods Bridge Road to Route 47)     

Grass, Middle Branch                                 Grass, North Branch  

Grass, Upper South Branch                        Grass, Lower South Branch (Twin Falls)         

Oswegatchie, E. Branch (2.)                           Oswegatchie, E. Branch (3.)

Oswegatchie, W. Branch                                   Plumb Brook


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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.2Large Marge (Rainbow Falls)5.1Waterfall Photo
0.6Whip-it GoodIV
1.3Flat Rock FallsIV
3.0Adrenaline Falls (Stewart Rapid)IVPhoto
3.3Twin FallsIV+Waterfall Photo
4.3Iron Bridge (Sinclair Falls)IV+Photo
5.1Basford FallsIVPhoto
6.5Degrasse GraffitiIVTakeout

Rapid Descriptions

Large Marge (Rainbow Falls) (Class 5.1, Mile 0.2)

Large Marge (Rainbow Falls)

Large Marge (Rainbow Falls)
Photo of Jim Sullivan by Andrew Jillings taken Oct '03

This is the first tree top horizon line you come to. Scout right side then left if you consider running this. It is normally portaged left. Safety is difficult. The hole at the bottom of the falls can be bad at high flows and the wall on the right below the drop is a magnet for flipped paddlers and makes rolling tough.

Lat/longitude coords are approximate, from online maps.

Whip-it Good (Class IV, Mile 0.6)
The river narrows down and makes a nice continuous set of rapids for about 0.3mi that is punctuated with a river wide hole "Whip-it Good" near the end. At higher flows this hole can be real sticky. Stay left.

Flat Rock Falls (Class IV, Mile 1.3)

Ledge slide drop with multiple lines and a sticky hole at the bottom.

Adrenaline Falls (Stewart Rapid) (Class IV, Mile 3.0)

Adrenaline Falls

Adrenaline Falls
Photo of Will Mook by Conor Peterson taken 05/07/13 @ 1500 cfs

Scout Left.

Twin Falls (Class IV+, Mile 3.3)

Twin Falls

Twin Falls
Photo of Silas Streeter by Conor Peterson taken 05/08/13 @ 1500 cfs

This 30'(+)ledge slide is a rocket launching pad! Scout right. If you don't see the line think about walking. Hint try and finish between the two Rooster Tails at the bottom right. Getting off-line or flipping can be ugly.

Iron Bridge (Sinclair Falls) (Class IV+, Mile 4.3)


Photo taken 05/08/13 @ 750 cfs

The Iron Bridge crossing the river marks this drop (bridge connects Lake George Rd to Tooley Pd Rd). Watch the hole at the bottom, it can/will eat your lunch, especially at high water. Scout right at Med and low flows, high flows scout left. Portage is easiest left I'm told.

Basford Falls (Class IV, Mile 5.1)

Basford Falls

Basford Falls
Photo taken 05/08/13 @ 900 cfs

Multiple lines. Left side slide is easier. The center ledges and holes offer a tricky CL V option. Scout the center and right lines from the right. Scout Left line from the left. -

Degrasse Graffiti (Class IV, Mile 6.5)
This rapid looks intimidating, but a great finish to great run. The hole can be sticky at high water.

User Comments

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April 28 2014 (1727 days ago)
rrmartinez (155234)
The river wide log in the rapid under the Degrasse takeout bridge has flushed out and is no longer
in play.
April 19 2014 (1736 days ago)
Jim DobbinsDetails
There is a river wide log in the rapid under the Degrasse takeout bridge. When you check the visual
gauge on the rock you will see it.
September 8 2011 (2690 days ago)
Skinny (153505)
This is a class V run. Scouting, Portaging and evacuation may be easy, but the drops are big and
consequential. Scenery is sick beautiful.
October 22 2007 (4107 days ago)
Jim DobbinsDetails
We took a low water run on this section on 10/21/2007. The log is no longer blocking the left
May 3 2005 (5009 days ago)
Tim KelleyDetails
There is a river wide log between Large Marge (Rainbow Falls) and "Whip it". It was in
the left channel about 100 yds above whip it. You have to portage it when Harrisville gage is below
900. The water is at the bottom of the heart on the Degrasse Graffiti