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Difficulty I-V
Length 4.5 Miles
Flow Range 3.90 - 5.00 FT
Flow Rate as of: 1 hour ago 3.15 [FT]
Reach Info Last Updated 04/08/2016 5:42 pm

River Description

Safety Warning: There is a dangerous sieve in the second drop. On April 11, 2004, a paddler got stuck in the sieve and drowned. It is not obvious if one scouts from the river-right side. Read the description in Boater Talk for more details. Photos of the sieve at low water are posted to the AW site. Scroll down to see them.

Kinda a smaller, creekier Bottom Moose. Big drops, with big recovery pools. Locals typically run a 2-3 mile section of Class III-V water. Put-in is upstream of Middleton Road Bridge (river right) and take-out is river left downstream of N. Granville near Upper Tpk Road. Call Sacandaga Outfitters for local experts.


Mettawee access issue

I got a call from the Forest Ranger who covers that area this morning asking for help getting this out to paddlers. The owners of the property on river left at the second drop, where Linda Weiss's accident was last year, are having trespass problems with "kayakers". After talking to the Ranger, I seriously doubt that paddlers are the problem (the spot is also popular with fishermen), and asked him to relay that back to the landowners.

Here's the deal, keep in mind that I'm getting this all second hand. Apparently, a few weeks ago, some friends of Linda's asked permission to go down to the river by the drop. The landowners were ok with that, under the impression that they would only be there a little while. They were there longer than the landowner's thought they would be and hung some flags (the flags were there when I paddled it last week). The landowners were still pretty much OK with that. Since then, they have put up new posted signs along the road and the access trail. Some of the signs have been torn down, people have parked in their driveway and by thier front lawn (the road is really narrow right there), and when they asked some people to leave, they were given a hard time. They blame all of this on "kayakers". Again, I seriously doubt that it is, but the locals over there aren't thrilled with people paddling the river since Linda's accident, so it's easy to point the finger at us.

So, please do not access the second drop from the road on river left, by the big brick house. If you want to walk down to the second drop, park at the steel bridge by the first drop and walk down the fisherman's path on river right. It's only about a 1/4 mile walk to the second drop. If anything changes, I'll post it.

Thanks, Ben



Eastern Adirondacks Reaches

Ausable, E. Branch                             Ausable, W. Branch (1.)                  Ausable, W. Branch (2.)                     Balm of Gilead Brook 

Boquet (2.)                                         Boquet (3.)                                        Boquet, N. Branch                           Boquet, S. Branch   

Boreas (1.)                                         Branch, The (Boquet trib.)                 Branch, The (Schroon trib.)               Cedar (1.) 

Cedar (2.)                                          Cold                                                   Deer Creek (Hudson Trib.)                Glen Creek

Hague Brook                                     Hudson (0.)                                         Hudson (1. Indian River to North River)             Hudson (2. North River to Riparius)

Hudson (3. Riparius to the Glen)         Indian (Hudson trib.)                         John's Brook                                     La Chute 

Mettawee                                          Mill Creek (Essex County)                    Mill Creek (Hudson trib.)                   North Creek 

Pike Brook                                         Poultney                                            Putnam Creek                                   Raquette (1.) 

Rock River                                         Schroon (North Hudson to Schroon Falls)            Schroon (Starbuckville to Riverbank)     Schroon (Warrensburg to Thurman Station)

Squaw Brook                                      Styles Brook                                     Thirteenth Brook                                Trout brook (Schroon trib)                    

West Mill Brook

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Rapid Descriptions


Gage Descriptions

Ben B., of the Northeast Paddlers' Massage Board, says: "I've run it up to about 5.5 but carried a bunch of drops at that level. Around 4.3' is probably ideal. This is one of those runs where the gauge is on a wide part of the river, so an inch or 2 on the gauge can make a big difference in the drops.

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

Date Flow Result Factor  
2004-04-11 Medium Fatality Failed Rescue Read More



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Moose River Video

Mark Singleton

2010 marked the 25th anniversary of protecting the Black and Moose rivers!  View an online video documentary on the Moose River and the early role that American Whitewater played in protecting this amazing river.


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