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Difficulty II-IV
Length 20 Miles
Flow Range 3.00 - 6.00 FT
Flow Rate as of: 1 hour ago 2.06 [FT]
Reach Info Last Updated 11/10/2017 4:25 pm

River Description

Before running this section boaters should read and be aware of the lawsuit and history of this run. Click here for the link. This is an important read as it details the right and obliagtions of all parties on this property and the New York Rights of Navagability are based on this ruling. Enjoy your trip, but fully comply with the ruling while in the ALC.The ruling on this section of river are the foundation of recreational river access and navigation for New York State. Further lawsuits could take away future access across New York.

By law boaters are only allowed in the ALC from May 1- October 15. and the guage must be above 2.65. (It isn't worth it that low anyway)

While passing through the ALC property section of the river (12 miles), camping/ fishing/ hunting/ trapping/hiking or any other activities not directly related to navigating the river are prohibited. Therefore boaters doing an overnight trip must make it out of the ALC property before dusk and setting up camp. Be sure to budget plenty of time for the hike in, portage, and scouting. Accounts from Club Members are that at low water boaters have been forced to walk most of the river and become stranded overnight with broken boats inside the ALC.

Though not particularly difficult, this is a remote section of river. If something goes wrong your odds of getting help any time soon are pretty minimal. Be prepared with a minimum of a pin kit, first aid kit, flashlights, lighters, boat repair materials, emergency food rations, and warm clothing. Make sure at least 2 people know when you put on and when you expect to take out.


Put In Options:

Access to the river is down well-maintained DEC dirt roads off Limekiln Lake Road in Eagle Bay (North of Old Forge). Take the first right once in the logging road system onto Indian Lake Road.

1. The river to your left is the Moose. You can put on here and paddle 4 miles of flat water.

2. Drive down to the Rock Dam Trail. You can hike 1.8 miles in here.

3. Drive to where the road hits a gate at the ALC property line. Park in the parking lot and hike on the DEC side of the well-marked property line. This will skip the first drop, but is by far the shortest amount of flat water and hiking.


Take out:

Mckeever bridge on Rt. 28 south of Old Forge. Look for a raft takeout on river right above the bridge.


Posted by Matthew Sudol on 2004-08-03 12:20:54 :

For great Adk scenery, seclusion and long continuous rapids, the South Branch is the place to paddle. League Club members are plenty friendly and scouting is allowed, but respect their land and do not tresspass.

The paddle does have a 1.8 mile portage if you want to cut 5 miles of class 2. Lengthy rapids, although at this level everything is class 2/3ish with the exception of 2 drops.

The first significant rapid comes around the corner rather quickly. It is a fun chute that descends quickly with holes as numerous as the boulders.

The best rapid would have to be the long continuous, bouldery problem right under the first bridge in the league club. Several eddies to find behind large boulders, numerous holes to punch, fly fishermen cheering you on, and it is all set in this breath taking Adirondack gorge with a mountain looking down on you.

Limekiln Falls was the best drop on the river. Punch the hole at the top. There's plenty of room to hit your roll if you need to before the next part. A Class 4 with a right to left move. All the way right offers the chicken line.

Grab the eddy on the right midway down Remsen Falls (at this level). Surf the wave in front of the boulder choked chute behind you over to the chute on river left to enjoy the cleanest of the 3 chutes Remsen Falls offers. Notice the League Club aluminum row boat to the left without a front end.

There is plenty of great scenic flat water to be had on this 22 mile trip. It took us 8 hours, stopping 3 times and doing all the scouting from our boats. Bring nice big, roomy kayaks for your toes sake. A bit dragging here and there, but nothing to ruin the experience. My partner (a solid class 3 beginner) and myself (class 4/5 paddler) agreed that a foot and a half or more would have wiped out the dragging, made the rapids more fun, and might have sped our trip up by at least an hour. 3 1/2 star rating would be my final assessment. With higher more challenging water it could easliy be a 5!

See you on the water...

Rob Y.



Tug Hill - Old Forge Area Reaches

Beaver (1. Moshier)                               Beaver (2. Eagle)                                 Beaver (3. Taylorville)

Black (1.)                                                Black (2.)                                             Black (3.)

Black (4.)                                                Black (5.)                                             Black, S. Branch

Cincinnati Creek                                     Crystal Creek                                       Deer River (Section 1)

Deer River (Section 2)                        Fish Creek, E. Branch                          Independence River (1. Upper) 

Independence River (2. Main)               Indian (S.Br. Moose trib.)                     Little Black Creek

Little Woodhull Creek                             Mad River                                           Mill Creek 

Mohawk (1.)                                           Moose (1. Middle)                                Moose (2. Lower) 

Moose (3. Bottom)                                 Moose, Middle Branch                          Moose, S. Branch (1.)  

Moose, S. Branch (2.)                            Negro Brook                                       Otter Creek  

Roaring Brook (Brokeback Gorge)    West Canada Creek (1.)                      West Canada Creek (2. Ohio Gorge) 

West Canada Creek, S. Branch                Woodhull Creek (Upper)                     Woodhull Creek (Middle) 

Woodhull Creek (Miracle Mile)


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Rapid Descriptions


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Richard Hopley
5 years ago

And what level, on whichever gauge? In your text you say "at theis level" and later "with a foot and a half more", but I cannot see where you tell us the level in the first place. I'm guessing it might take 3.5' to 4.0' at McKeever, as a minimum, but...?

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10 years ago

what gauge do you go by

Gage Descriptions

The guage is located well downstream on the Main Moose. Pushing the lower limits of the run risks finding the South Branch lower than expected.  See the Flow tab for more information.

Directions Description

Don't bring a wimpy sedan for this one. Limekiln Road is a snowmobile highway all winter, and a dirt DEC access road that's muddy and rutted all spring and fall.


Take out:

Route 28 bridge in McKeever south of Old Forge.

Put in:

Drive North on 28 past Old Forge and into Inlet. Look for Limekiln Road on the right as you go through town and make the turn. Drive ~12 miles to the Rock Dam Trailhead. You've now got a 1 mile hike in to river.

Alternate Put-in.

Continue another 4.5 miles to the Moose River bridge. It will be flat until Rock Dam, but at least you know how much water is in the river, and you aren't carrying your boat.

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Moose River Video

Mark Singleton

2010 marked the 25th anniversary of protecting the Black and Moose rivers!  View an online video documentary on the Moose River and the early role that American Whitewater played in protecting this amazing river.


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