Sacandaga - 2. Stewarts Bridge Reservoir to Hudson River

Sacandaga, New York, US


2. Stewarts Bridge Reservoir to Hudson River

Usual Difficulty II-III (for normal flows)
Length 3.5 Miles
Avg. Gradient 14 fpm


Photo of Rafting Guides by Patrick Rogers taken 07/27/03 @ 4000 cfs

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-01325000 4.80 - 7.00 ft II-III 01h45m 1.78 ft (too low)

River Description

This popular reach runs daily in the summer, on a release schedule. The putin for this section is found about 300 yards before you cross the dam on the left side of the road. There you will find a trail going through a fence. Please stay on the trail as it is private property owned by the electric company. They have graciously allowed us access to this river so please monitor yourselves as well as others. The parking area is on the right as you turn left to go to the dam. Once on the trail you have about a 400-yard carry to the river. Upon launching, the river immediately enters the first of two rapids. This rapid is about 1/2 mile long and is classified as a II with fun waves. About 3/4 of the way down above the bridge abutments (the bridge is gone) on the far right, you will find what is probably the best wave on the river. Usually it will be obvious as you will see many sitting in the eddy waiting to surf. It is usually best to enter the eddy from below by passing to the left of the wave and then peeling into the eddy. Be quick or you will miss it.

After the first rapid you will enter about 1 mile of fast but calm water. The last rapid will begin slowly and graudally built till it forms a class III- rapid with many wave trains. There is a surfing wave close to the bottom on river left that you will have to look out for. Immediately after leaving the last rapid, the takeout will be on river left. Look for a concrete landing. Above the landing is a kayak store that you will want to explore as well as a very nice parking lot for parking vehicles.

Rumor has it that there are plans afoot to build a permanent surfing wave somewhere on the river. Will keep you informed if more information is discovered.

At the take out there is a kayak store (Sacandaga Outdoor Center, 866-696-7238) with many of the essentials. They also provide a shuttle service for any kayakers who don't want to mess with their own shuttles. The cost is 4 dollars a trip and they run 11, 1, and 3. If you want to take the shuttle but wish to not haul your kayak (drive up, paddle down, shuttle back to car) the cost is 2 dollars.


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Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

User Comments

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June 16 2010 (2686 days ago)
Doug HeymDetails
No playpark today nor any signs of it.
June 27 2006 (4136 days ago)
Nathaniel VandalDetails
6/27/2006 PLAYPARK INCOMPLETE!!! Recently I read about a new playpark being created at the Sac this
spring. I drove over to check it out and the park was not complete due to rain that forced the
release of more water over the dam which ended up in a loss of one of the machines as well as the
incompletion of the playpark. If you are thinking about heading to the Sac for some play, perhaps
think again...

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