Difficulty IV-V
Length 6 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

Literally at the doorstep of I-87 at EXIT 29, lies a high-quality roadside Class 4/5 bed-rock style creek with numerous drops, each with multiple options. This is on the must-do list for any paddler whose in the Boreas or Boquet neighborhood, or when everything else is dropping out. Newcomers may only need to scout the first lap to get the gist.  Too steep for boat scouting.  Getting 2-3 laps can be common practice.  Check for wood periodically.


1. Putin - Robert Adams

2. Blue Ridge Falls (visible from the vista pull-off)

3. Cable Car (immediately follows blue ridge falls)

4. Mesh Fence

5. Snarly (empties into Palmer Pond)

Water: Holds quite well due to supply from Elk Lake.  Check out Blue Ridge Falls from the pull-off on the way up to the putin, if it looks like you can get down it without too much scraping....it's probably good to go. There is no gauge, and the schroon gauge is a poor indicator.

Putin: Drive to the unmarked spot along Blue Ledge Road...park on the NORTH side of the road your local kayaker buddies showed you.  A short walk near an iron-gated path leads to Robert Adams rapid.

Alternative putin options:  1.  Just downstream is Niagara brook, you probably drove over it and didn't realize it.  Park there and walk along it to the base of Robert Adams.   2.  Go a mile or so upstream to a fishing access pulloff where the Branch crosses under the road.  This is also the takeout for the Upper Branch.  Putting in here would add an unpleasant amount of flatwater to your day.

Takeout: Pick one of the obvious pull-offs at Palmer Pond. 

Caution: Much of the land surrounding the putin is leased by the Hoffman Fish and Game Club. If you encounter hostility, be polite and leave, go paddle something else, or consider the Upper Branch (ask a local kayaker for beta on that one). http://hoffmanclub.com/

Rapid Descriptions

Robert Adams

Class - IV+ Mile - 0
2-part rapid.  The first part is easily an easily scoutable series of shelves to test line choices and boofing skills.  The second part acts more like a rapid full of face shots and hole dodging, which begins very quickly after the last boof.  Please note, this rapid terminates into a very sticky hole, go right or left of it. (See Dennis' book for details)

Blue Ledges and Cable Car

Class - V Mile - 2

The most identifiable and classic drop on this run. Spectators welcome.  A hard left hand turn brings you to an impressive horizon line.  Its better if you scout this one on the drive up, from the pull-off and hike down the trail to take a good look.  Traditionally starting high and right, and making an easy hairy-ferry type move part-way down to get over to the left side to setup for the 8 footer at the bottom.  Below that drop begins Cable Car, a short but fun set of manegeable waves/holes with a nice eddy and the bottom for high-fives. 

Mesh Fence

Class - IV Mile - 4
Rapid Thumbnail Missing
Spot an old concrete bridge abutment on the left bank to mark the start of Mesh Fence (the old fence is long gone).  First-timers should can scout it.  Multiple options depending on the level, try what looks interesting.  Clean it up on the second lap!


Class - IV Mile - 6
Rapid Thumbnail Missing
Not much farther after Mesh Fence is Snarly.  Again, multiple lines with various slots and boofs all level dependent, scout if no one is around to drag you down.  I'm guessing Snarly got its name due to the high concentration of f/u rocks everywhere toward the runout section of the rapid.   Critique each others lines (or lack thereof) as your paddle out across the pond. 


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

The gauge is a correlation with the Schroon River only, as this river eventually feeds into the upper reaches of the Schroon. 

Directions Description

If your driving up or down I-87.  Take EXIT 29 for NORTH HUDSON / NEWCOMB.  The takeout is at one of the two pull-offs on the north-shore of Palmer Pond.

If your coming from Blue Ridge Highway, you probably already know where your going :-)


No Accident Reports



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Moose River Video

Mark Singleton

2010 marked the 25th anniversary of protecting the Black and Moose rivers!  View an online video documentary on the Moose River and the early role that American Whitewater played in protecting this amazing river.


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