Coquille, S. Fork - 3. 16 Mile Bridge to Myrtle Grove

Coquille, S. Fork, Oregon, US


3. 16 Mile Bridge to Myrtle Grove

Usual Difficulty II-IV (for normal flows)
Length 7.7 Miles

A fun one on the SF Coquille

A fun one on the SF Coquille
Photo by Clare Bowen taken 08/09/18

River Description

A quality roadside section of scenic class 3/4, well off the beaten path that can be combined with the next run downstream.

Easy floating broken by sections of class IV with large boulders.

All rapids can be scouted from the river, and most can be scouted from the road.

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Last Updated: 2018-08-09 20:02:28

Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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April 5 2011 (2845 days ago)
Nick SindersonDetails
I just got back from my dream weekend (Elk/SF Coquille) and thought I'd add a bit while it's still
fresh in my mind. First the hazards; this run is a bit more hazardous than your typical NW class 4,
as the bedrock is sandstone that calves off the canyon walls in giant boulders in places. These
soft sandstone boulders are then undercut by the current adding up to a large collection of sieves
& siphons. This is no place to be swimming. If you find yourself swimming here steer clear of the
upstream sides of these boulders if at all possible. (For example; I watched a friends carelessly
dropped paddle head down the current then stop onto the upstream side of one of these boulders only
to be sucked down and out of sight in a matter of seconds, not to be seen again.) Now the good
news; this run is better and more beautiful than I remember it and worth every bit of the long
drive. Also of note; with low snow levels we weren't able to investigate the short cut route to the
Elk, next time.
January 15 2011 (2925 days ago)
Nick SindersonDetails
This run is in the middle of nowhere...if you find yourself here you're either lost or you're going
boating. I hope it's the latter because this is a very good and very scenic class 3/4 run. I would
add the 3 or so miles of the next run and get out at Coal Creek. That way your getting in the best
class 4 stuff and avoiding the dangerous class 5 below Coal Creek. Just over a low divide to the
west (I have never driven this road, so I can vouch for it's condition) is the Elk River another
scenic and fun class 3/4 river. I've often thought that combining the two would make for a great
weekend of class 3/4 boating and camping.