Crabtree Creek - 1. Snow Peak Camp to Larwood Park

Crabtree Creek, Oregon, US


1. Snow Peak Camp to Larwood Park

Usual Difficulty III-IV (for normal flows)
Length 10 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-14188800 500 - 4000 cfs III-IV 01h10m 235 cfs (too low)

River Description

Soggy Sneakers


This is a fun intermediate run where the biggest obstacle is access.  Most of the year there is a gate on Snow Peak road just past the bridge.  Access downstream of here is always available and has class II-III rapids down to covered bridge near the Roaring River confluence.

During hunting season and sometimes at random or when there is logging the gate will be open, always subject to closure without notice.  The Weyerhaeuser access number is #888-741-5403.  Press 2 for the North valley area which includes Thomas Creek and Crabtree (Snow Peak Rd).  You can also contact the Weyerhaeuser office in lebanon for schedule information. (541) 451-8263

The guidebook recommends putting on either at the bridge over the NF or SF 5 miles above the Snow Peak Bridge.  As of 2015 there were a few wood hazards between here and the confluence, if you would like to avoid these hazards there is a spur road that leads down very close to the confluence of the two forks and removes any wood portages as of fall 2015.  Like dinsdaba commented, that spur is 4.6 miles above the Snow Peak Rd bridge.  Or if you are already at the NF put in bridge, return 0.4 miles back the way you came. 

The rest of the run is class III+ with a IV or two at high flows.  The stream recently blew out of its channel a short ways above the Snow Peak Bridge, but the left channel was runnable at last check.  If it is not hunting season you will need to put in at the Snow Peak Bridge, as there is a gate there.

The riverbed is dynamic and some of the bedrock ledges that were once there have been filled in with boulders, be ready for new features even if you have done the run before.

Here is a video of the lower half of the run.

And another.

One more.



Of note is a class V run upstream of this section, documented here.  This one is only accessible during hunting season.

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Rapid Descriptions

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March 12 2014 (1771 days ago)
dinsdaba (156194)
The gate is currently unlocked. I put in down a spur road, 4.6 miles past the Snow Peak Rd bridge.
At the high flow level and above (2000+), this run develops some great play features. The last 5
miles are considerably lower key than above.
December 9 2012 (2229 days ago)
Jerry MalloyDetails
There is a locked gate preventing access to the top two miles of the run. We put in just below the
gate today and it's still plenty.
March 21 2011 (2858 days ago)
Brent ONeillDetails
Anyone know if there is access to this run? I have run from the concrete bridge down a few years
ago and it was fun. I heard there is a closed gate somewhere but I don't want to drive all the way
up there to find out. Thanks!