Metolius - Riverside Forest Campground to Lake Billy Chinook

Metolius, Oregon, US


Riverside Forest Campground to Lake Billy Chinook

Usual Difficulty III-IV (for normal flows)
Length 28.5 Miles


Photo by Conor Kelly

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-14091500 1300 - 2000 cfs III-IV 00h57m 1330 cfs (running)

River Description

See Soggy Sneakers for run details.
Many options exist for shorter runs.
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Last Updated: 2011-02-27 02:46:50

Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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October 26 2018 (83 days ago)
Thomas O'KeefeDetails
We put in at Lower Bridge and did the the 17 mile run down to Monty Campground. We encountered two
channel-spanning logs that came up quick and a few more pieces of wood in play. Use extreme caution
as the logs are tricky to spot and require a quick move to get to shore. The first was located at
44.6483, -121.6140 and the second was at 44.6709, -121.5752. Both were portaged relatively easily
but required a quick move into a very brushy and poorly-defined eddy above the hazard.
September 5 2018 (134 days ago)
ukahfur (160038)
The river spanning log previously located near Lower Canyon Creek Campground (at 44°29'49.5"N
121°38'17.9"W (44.497083, -121.638306)) has since been moved to allow safe passage and maintain
fish habitat! Many thanks to Bob Hennings and team with the Deschutes National Forest, Sisters
Ranger District for making this happen. Cheers guys! Appreciate the hard work.
July 30 2018 (171 days ago)
Samwise (151857)
Ran the upper and lower sections July 28-29, 2018. 4 portages total along the way: 2 portages
before Camp Sherman at 44° 26'44.17", 121° 38'17.53" and 44° 27'22.28", 121° 38'34.48". Both are
easily portaged on river right (or stand up and walk over the top of the first one). The second two
portages are a ways past Candle Creek (no portages from Lower Bridge to Candle Creek). Located at
44° 38'54.96", 121° 36'49.55" and 44° 38'40.45", 121° 30'48.71". Both portaged on RR. Need to be
cautious of lots of other wood along the way, but well worth it.
November 4 2015 (1170 days ago)
itsthewater10 (153176)
I was informed last week that the Forest Service in conjunction with Trout Unlimited have been
placing wood in the river for the past few years. I ran this twice, once in a 14' raft and once in
an 11' raft back in 2008 with two log portages. By the way it was described to me, rafts are
basically a no go these days and kayaks can paddle through with some effort...
June 12 2006 (4601 days ago)
Ryan MorganDetails
I just ran the Metolius this weekend. The log that was there last year is now gone. However, there
is a log jam at Canyon Creek Campgroung and easy to see. (I talked with the Forest Service and this
may be removed soon) There is also a new log on the lower section perhaps a mile or so above Monty
Campground. We were able to boat over it at 1600 cfs, but it may be a portage at lower levels.
August 16 2005 (4902 days ago)
Galen SparksDetails
Paddled solo from Lower Bridge to Camp Monty 8/15/05. The logs from put-in down to mandatory log
portage about 6.5 miles down are more difficult than the rapids themselves. The character of the
river is very swift with few eddies. The only portage, however, was at a large ponderosa with
branches mostly intact making it clearly visible on the water. It is not marked, though it comes
into view on a straight section just after spotting a few small cabins on the right bank. Small
eddy on right allows for easy portage. The logs are much less frequent below here, making the run
more enjoyable--but keep your eyes open in a few spots. There are several class III (mostly
log-free) rapids below the confluence with the Whitewater river. Total trip time was approximately
3.5 hours.
May 14 2005 (4995 days ago)
James RobinsonDetails
Definatly, that mile or so from the hatchery is awesome. It's a pretty easy narrow shute with some
big 'ol rapids. It's cold, but if you get a chance to run it, DO IT.
March 30 2005 (5040 days ago)
Nathan LitkeDetails
yeah Wizard Falls is sick. the books don't lie though, the water is freezing. It's worth it though
August 21 2001 (6358 days ago)
Dale WebbDetails
I was just over on the metolius and there was three different postings at the lower bridge warning
of a class VI log jam 6.5 miles downstream of the lower bridge. All three postings were from
serious rafters and kayakers. There main concern was that a person without the knowledge of exactly
where the jam was would not be able to advoid the jam. Try the gorge above Wizard fish hatchery for
a wild ride.