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Difficulty I-III
Length Miles
Gauge Brodhead Creek near Analomink, PA
Flow Range 500 - 10000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 35 minutes ago 75.1 [CFS]
Reach Info Last Updated 08/14/2009 11:49 am

River Description

For more information, see Keystone Canoeing by Ed Gertler (nice to see you on the Lehigh every once in a while, Ed).


Analomink Gauge Location


Take-out for the 'Miracle Mile' section


Nice YouTube video of the Brodhead.

Rapid Descriptions


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Steve McLuckie
7 years ago

Ran the Miracle mile and down to the gauge, plus the lower section from Stroudsburg to Delaware Water Gap on 5/21/11. The white farm house mentioned below is no longer there, but the put in for Miracle Mile is 1.1 miles north of the Alpine Mountain parking area or 4.6 miles below the intersection in Canadensis. The park in Delaware Water Gap doesn't offer easy access to the creek, but the gauge 1/4 mile upstream makes an easy take out. It's on the left side of the creek just after you pass the mill (on the right). Take a look when you drop off a car at the end of Post Office Road, just a bit north of the creek. Here's a Google map showing the sections of the creek and access locations: On 8/29/11, a day after the rains from Hurricane Irene, we ran from the Miracle Mile all the way down to the gauge at Minisink Hills (almost 16 miles). Discharge when we passed the Analomink gauge was 950 CFS, which is we considered a very nice level. If the stage to discharge correlation is accurate we had 11,000CFS when we reached the Minisink Hills gauge; it was big, but didn't feel that big. The first few miles after the gauge are pleasant enough and offer a couple of good rapids. After that we encountered some major strainers at a fork in the channel, where we found a narrow route starting on the right. Immediately after the channels rejoined there is a lowhead dam. There's a video on Youtube that shows some people running the dam, but it's at a very low flow. It had an extremely nasty recirculation when we were there. We portaged on the right, and thought that coming down the left channel could be an extremely poor choice at some levels because you may need to ferry across just above the dam. The rapid just below the dam was a lot of fun, but there's little else to recommend the stretch below Pinebrook Park until you get to the lower Brodhead, just south of I-80.

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8 years ago

I ran the brodhead at 4.75 feet last week, this is a GREAT level for this river, more challenging than 3.5 for sure with some pretty big holes in the drops but not anywhere near flood stage or overflowing the banks. Plenty of big play waves/holes and some very nice wave trains to ride. Be careful of a strainer across the main channel just below the bridge at Alpine, you can sneak around it on the right then paddle hard back to the left to catch the main flow and a nice surf wave. You can watch a video of our trip here to see what to expect at this level...

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8 years ago

Lower Brodhead Access: Put in at Glen park. Take-out at the park on river road in the town of water gap. This is just downstream of the mill. Character: Class 2 float in somewhat damaged but still enjoyable gorge. Some fun play but nothing epic. The broken dam is runnable through multiple lines but the left side is not recommended because of sharp debris. Level: Runs down to 2ft on the minisink guage. More water is better. If it's really high go to the upper section.

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9 years ago

The Brodhead is a beautiful, clear, cool creek near East Stroudsburg in Monroe County, PA. The whitewater section has multiple slides and a couple of creek-wide 4'-6' drops. I prefer small rivers and streams and this one was near-perfect in size and in features. Despite the stream following Rt. 447 for much of its length, we rarely saw or heard the roadside traffic. When we did, we noted the number of motorcycles enjoying this very scenic area. We paddled the stream at a level of 2.5 feet, which was probably the minimum level to paddle without scraping. I walked once when I took one of those irresistible "branches less paddled" (you know: when a waterway splits and there is that little chute that disappears around a bend... I'm a sucker for those.) I hope to return when the level is 3ft or more. Clear water, blue skies, pine and sycamore trees, and some good drops. Thanks to Ron W for sharing this slice of Nirvana with us. -kevin o

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10 years ago

Upper Brodhead: Canadensis to Paradise Creek fork. Access: The most classic section is miracle Mile. Put in just downstream of a white farm house where there is a guardrail next to the creek. Park on the east side at a makeshift parking lot. Park smart for space. Take out at the Alpine Mountain Bridge. For a longer float there is more fun rapids downstream with longer pools. I like to take out at the USGS guage with a big and puddle filled parking lot. It's roadside below this, so you can certainly keep floating if it looks good to you. Most of the stream side is heavily posted, but the road is never to far away, and most of it is just fishers wanting to keep their hole to themselves. They won't be out when you are floating and the river is dark. Bonus water: There is an upper stretch that has some really great rapids and some really long marshes with multiple portages because of strainers. Put in at the church in Canadensis. Maybe someone with a better memory than mine can run it, and figure out access to run the fun stuff and skip the portages. Character: Overall there are some easy rapids similar to the harder stuff on Lehigh in a smaller stream bed. Then there are some fun bedrock rapids with slides and ledges. Scout and set safety as you feel the necessity. Look for the river wide horizon lines. The main hazard is a rapid with a giant root ball facing upstream just below a sticky hole which likes to hold empty boats. The weakest part of the hole is right of center, but brings you closer to the the root ball. Pick your poison. Levels: Others have said 2.5ft is minimum, and that is probably true. If you lived next door to this creek I'm sure it runs lower still. I think 3ft is probably the bottom of good, with more water making it better. I haven't seen it above 3.8 but I'm sure it's great. Reputation is 4.5+ is IV boating. Use the analomink gauge.

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James Dougherty
12 years ago

Ran this today. It was a little over three feet on the gage where we parked our cars for the take out. You can use the Alipine parking lot as the put-in or drive up another mile for whats refered to as "the miracle mile". It has a lot more action than the other...4 or 5 miles? Although the 2nd half is tamer, beware, there's a ledge drop that goes practically straight across the whole river. At the level we paddled, it's not a problem if you paddle straight and keep speed but if you drop down, as one person did, you will probably need assisstance to get out. The person circulated for a while in kayak, the person did a wet exit and both boat and person was held there. Person out out and was fine via a throw rope. After a few minutes drybag and airbag was extrcted with the use of a long heavy branch. It took three men to use said stick. I think the kayak got spit out by itself but after quite some time. So, just be aware of this drop. There is a sneak on the extreme river left hugging the bank but I heard it's not a good choice at higher levels. A fun run, some great drop, plenty of play. A bit harder than the Tohican at three-something feet we did today. I'm told that over five this gets much harder and the holes get sticky. To get there from highway 80 take 209 N to 447N. I think 447 took one left turn by Shawnee Resort or inn and a right a little further down. As long as you follow 447N, your good. I'll have one of the people I paddled with to check this for accuracy

Gage Descriptions

The referenced gage is midway through the run. For the lower reach, check the Brodhead at Minisink Hills gage.



Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

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Pennsylvania Dam Removal Conference to be Held January 31st.

Kevin Colburn

There will be a one day conference on January 31st in eastern Pennsylvania that will address dam removal and rehabilitation in the state and region. It is likely that this very affordable conference would be helpful to paddlers interested in working on dam removal projects in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Registration for the conference is due by January 23rd.

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