Marsh Creek - Old US Route 15 to Horner Road

Marsh Creek, Pennsylvania, US


Old US Route 15 to Horner Road

Usual Difficulty II-III (for normal flows)
Length 3.8 Miles

Left Dam on Marsh Creek

Left Dam on Marsh Creek
Photo of A lowhead dam by Steve Revier (Monocacy Canoe Club)

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-01639000 400 - 4800 cfs II-III 00h59m ~ 147 cfs (too low)
Too low.

River Description

Ed Evangelidi shared:

This is a solid intermediate-level stream. Not only do the rapids require some skill but the durn dams require considerable attention. All are runnable but with a significant amount of attention to hydraulics or other problems. One small dam early on is very retentive. The suggested put-in is at a small campground on Business 15, where a small fee is charged. The Monocacy gauge at Bridgeport is a much better gauge but I do not have a correlation yet.

For more information, see Keystone Canoeing by Gertler, E.
There's a lowhead dam just near the campground. "Give it some respect," says Bernie Farmer of the Monocacy Canoe Club.

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Last Updated: 2004-08-20 11:38:15

Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

User Comments

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July 31 2018 (136 days ago)
baerly (154552)
A few of us ran Marsh Creek July 24, 2018 from Marsh Creek Road to Mason Dixon Road. The level was
7' on the stick gauge on Marsh Creek at the Mason Dixon road bridge, almost 4,000 cfs on the
Monocacy gauge. At this level the run is quite exciting. The section just above Natural Dam is
quite continuous class III-IV, chucked full of large retentive holes, boiling eddy lines, and fun
wave trains. We ran Natural dam far right next to the bank. At this level several spots open up on
the dam and appear runnable. If you run it elsewhere make sure to hit it with speed, get a good
boof stroke, and paddle hard at the bottom as the dam forms a very sticky hydraulic. One of our
crew ran the "normal" line on the right and nearly got caught in the hydraulic. If getting on at
this level a solid roll is recommended as swims can be fairly difficult and quite hazardous with
all of the strainers.
June 4 2012 (2384 days ago)
AlfCooley (147598)
Use Bridgeport gauge (MD) just downstream - 400 cfs is your zero. [Jug Bridge, 35 miles further
downstream and with over 10x the streamflow - gives late and imperfect info.] After Rte 15 comes
Harper Hill, a 3-part Cl. III large-boulder rapid - followed by a long pool and then a 2-part Cl.
II+ rapid. Next, Natural Dam - ca 3-ft high (on the right) can be run (on the right). - Alf Cooley

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