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Difficulty I-IV
Length 9.5 Miles
Gauge Bush Kill at Shoemakers, PA
Flow Range 2.50 - 6.00 FT
Flow Rate as of: 45 minutes ago 2.01 [FT]
Reach Info Last Updated 04/12/2008 10:26 pm

River Description

Shohola Cr., from Shohola Falls to mouth

The Shohola is an odd river. It begins with a runnable (with multiple lines) 70ft waterfall/cascade. Then goes through a box canyon with class III to IV water for most of it's 1/2 mile length. Then, after another 1/2 mile or so of good whitewater, it goes through a very flat period where flatwater paddling is interspersed with a ledge occasionally. Finally, it finishes with some good slides and another box canyon with a good drop as it's entrance. The scenery is beautiful at times and nice the rest of the time. It's a fun creek.

It does pick up wood however, so keep your eyes ahead and scout the box canyons from the rim (if possible) before entering. This is easy on the first one (there's a trail along the rim on river right), and not too difficult from river right on the second one.

This run can be a longish day, so get on early in the winter, when the days are short.


Most people only run the top box now. It's the most bang for your buck. Just carry up the trail on river right and repeat offend.

Hiking out from this run if someone gets hurt can be tedious, look at the map before you get on.

The gauge on the Bush Kill at Shoemaker should be over 2.5', and gives a good correlation, but the Shohola drains a large swampy area above the lake and will generally stay up longer than The Bushkill. Sometimes for many days longer.

If it's at 2.4 and dropping slowly, the Shohola will most likely still be up.
Middle Atlantic River Forcast Center's Quantitative Precipitation Forcast. (The next 24hrs)
Middle Atlantic River Forcast Center's Quantitative Precipitation Forcast.(The following 24 hrs)
The onsite gauge is painted on the river-right, upstream side of the Knealing Rd. bridge abutment. It is very faded and barely readable.

It should be at 2.4'

See above for more indications of runnability.

Put-in: Put-in is typically on river right below the dam (to run the falls) or below the falls to run the top box.  If you don't want to run the falls, or the top box, you'll want to put-in on river right, downstream of Rt. 6. Park in the small gravel parking lot on the upstream, river right side of Rt. 6. Cross Rt. 6 and follow the path on river right until you see a place where you can get to the water.

If you are planning on running the top box (but not the falls) follow the scenic trail along the river right side of the falls, then head down the gully which leads to the base of the falls. Watch out for ice in the winter and early spring. 


There is a lot of private land around here so be careful when scouting. Once a group of us was paddling on a rare, warm sunny day in April and we came around a bend to find a man naked on his lawn, sunning himself. He was a little surprised to see 7 of us paddle by.

Take-out: Taking out can be an issue. The road which crosses over the creek just a little ways before the Delaware would seem like a perfect place, but it is heavily posted. You can take out a few miles downstream on the Delaware, but a better option is to take-out under the railroad tracks and hike up the river right bank to the little road which crosses the tracks there. There is a turn in the road next to where it crosses the tracks and you should be able to park there.
Hero route alert! There are a few lines down the falls, but the most interesting I've heard of is to take all of the small ledges down the right until the big final ledge. Then, instead of dropping off of it, go left and drop down into the curtain of water, behind the big rock sitting on the bottom ledge.

This is called the white room and I haven't tried it.

Rapid Descriptions


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Daniel Siger
5 months ago

There is a new USGS Gauge for this river located on the Shohola itself, 7 miles downstream of the put in for the upper box. It can be found at:,00060,00010 170 on this gauge would be my estimate of a minimum level. 400 felt like a fun medium.

Gage Descriptions

The gauge on the Bushkill at Shoemakers gives a good correlation, but the Shohola drains a large swampy area above the lake and will generally stay up longer than The Bushkill. Sometimes for many days longer.

Directions Description

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Pennsylvania Dam Removal Conference to be Held January 31st.

Kevin Colburn

There will be a one day conference on January 31st in eastern Pennsylvania that will address dam removal and rehabilitation in the state and region. It is likely that this very affordable conference would be helpful to paddlers interested in working on dam removal projects in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Registration for the conference is due by January 23rd.

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