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Difficulty II-III
Length 4 Miles
Flow Range 4.00 - 8.00 FT
Flow Rate as of: 43 minutes ago 4.19 [FT] ℹ️
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River Description

Takeout below the confluence with Abner Creek.
Todd Corey shared:
I ran this section on 4/24 with my 14- and 11-yr-old. We put on at 2 pm and took off at 5 pm. The river was running at 5.5' and was a great level for an entry level kayaker. The kids walked the dam and the last rapid. Other than that, everything was good to go. There are a few places to play as well, so take your playboat with you. Just don't spend too much time underwater since it isn't the cleanest whitewater you can find. The people walking the trail along river right of the river enjoyed the show. It also makes it easy for you to get out and hike back up to the top of a rapid in case you want to run it again. This is primarily class II with a couple of class III's thrown in. We enjoyed the trip and will head back again given the right water levels.

Another commenter:
I've paddled this section three times. At below 4 ft it's very rocky in spots. At almost 5ft it's a good paddle with some great little spots especially the spot in one of the pics....great playspot. I would recommend running this at 5 or 6 ft for a great ride...the takeout at 296 is no a fun hike with a kayak...beware.....we took out there and my friend got attacked by yellow jackets....there is a nest if you take out river left be careful and stay on the path.

Jim Spears contributed:
I have only paddled this section once several years ago. It is in a fairly developed area now. On river right for the first mile or so there are large houses. This section has some nice small whitewater features. The problem is that the takeout at the first bridge Hwy. 296 (Reidville Rd.) was real grown up. We opted to paddle the next section also from Hwy. 296 to Hwy. 417. That was a mistake. There were an incredible number of riverwide deadfalls on that section. We ended up pushing our canoes down the river and lifting them over the obtacles. The upper section, however, is something to look at for easy whitewater that is very close to I-85 and Greenville-Spartanburg. This would be a good trip for beginner paddlers at a good water level.

Rapid Descriptions


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Glenn Atkisson
1 year ago

Ran today with water at 4.22. It's slightly, noticeably better than when we did it last year at only 3.90. Still, closer to 5.0 would be better. The cross-stream tree before you find your first rapid is still there, but can be scooted under at this level. No other trees are a problem. Didn't find any clear paths at the Hwy 296 bridge, so we again tugged the kayaks up Vines Creek (called Abner Creek by others here) marked by the 2 rope swings. Take out is creek left far side of Bennet's Bridge Rd. bridge. Someone even had mowed down all the grass and poison Ivy on that side of the bridge to make a clean carry path. Thank you! Pulling a kayak up a shallow, cool, sandy bottomed creek for 400 yards is sure easier than porting it up some infested trail to reach Hwy 296.

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Glenn Atkisson
2 years ago

Ran mid-day 8-18-2016 water level 3.90. There are a few cross-stream trees, one of which you can barely scoot under at this low level. The others you can scoot over and would be no problem with higher water. Some drops are not worth doing at this low level, but a few still challenge. I skipped the ones with too much exposed rock. The way that 4.0 feet is "runnable" is more that you can possibly find a way to stay off the many mid-river sand bars and make decent time down the river, than it is an indication that most of the drops are runnable. Only about half are carrying enough water. Recommendations to stay over 5.0 feet seem reasonable for a good run. After scouting possible takeouts 2 days ago, including at the 296 bridge which is still overgrown, I walked down Vines (Abner) Creek from Bennett's Bridge Rd. and found it shallow enough to walk easily on the sandy bottom. It's 400 yards from it's confluence with the River to Bennett's bridge, so we did the take out by walking up the creek, towing the kayaks in 4-6 inches of clear water with a clean sandy bottom. There's some room for parking by the bridge over Vines and a nearly clear trail up on creek-left, far side. See picture added today for this easy, low-water walk out. There is no signage indicating this is not an allowable exit point.

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