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Difficulty IV-V
Length 7 Miles
Flow Range 1000 - 10000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 3 years ago 257 [CFS]
Reach Info Last Updated 05/03/2011 3:51 am

River Description

Fall Creek Falls State Park.

Put in: Park your vehicles at the visitor center above Cane Creek Falls.

The walk to the put in trail is easy to find. Leaving the visitor center walk uphill to the stop sign. Hang a left and walk downhill untill you pass a small bridge. Right after the bridge there will be a sign indicationg Cable trail. It is reccomended you belay or lower your boats down the cable trail by rope.

Wear your helmet, and 5.10's, it is a very steep trail!!!

Take Out: Hwy 30 bridge at 285 jct. 

Gauge information: Calfkiller gauge correletion may the ticket, but look for Great Falls Dam 'inflow' 4000 - 7000 ( check inflow by clicking )

Use the Calfkiller as a singnal if it is running or not. Make sure to check red gauge at putin or takeout before you put on!

Gauging information was passed from Clay Wright and Bankfull1 from Boatertalk as Follows:

Red Put-in gauge: Is on the cement 'diving area' on the little mini-lake above a dam upstream of the falls below a swinging bridge. 

 "-2''  would be 2'' below my personal 'not really jonezing' minimum and at 0 you don't have to walk."

Levels are closely matched to the Red gauge at the take out.

Red Take-out gauge: Under Hwy 30 Bridge on the pillar closest to river right. It is on the bottom of the pillar in the bottom righthand corner.

-2" Is the Lowest it can be run. The flat water paddle out is long and you have to hike in a couple of spots around the islands where the river splits, the gorge still has enough water to be fun.

0' is low

6" is medium

1' is high

above 1' is getting big

Fallin Down shots were at 3 old or 1.5 on the new Red gauge . . .hold on!

Blue Take-out Gauge: Under Hwy 30 Bridge on the pillar in the middle of the bridge.

The lower blue gauge changes too much to be reliable at low flows - at one point 1' was runnable, then recent years it read 2' even in summer because there was a pool formed by a gravel bed just downstream of the bridge. So a red gauge was put on the near bridge piling downstream of where the gravel bed is so it reads more consistently. If you must use the blue gauge:

2' is the minimum

2.5" is a good medium

3" is getting huge

River Information: Paddle up at put-in for best view of 80'+er in TN

Rapids include:
Pine Tree Falls,
Twin Towers (this hole flanked by huge rocks the site of many disasters),
Corner Pocket (hole on left),
Airplane turn,
Hallway Falls,
Rear Entry (now snuck left)

Miles of class 2-3 then 1-2 follow, can be scrapy, always long.
When the river splits 4 ways, pick R or L channel - still brushy but deeper

Watch for logs!!! 

Daniel Talley adds Wrom: PNKMBIPBAR

Thursday night it had rained a dab, only around an inch in these parts and not quite enough to get stuff goin to par. Richland Creek was running, but I wanted something new. Being disappointed in the situation, I strapped the boat on top of the car and headed west to Fall Creek Falls. For years I've been wanting to run Cane Creek, and being a semi-large watershed I figured it would have some water. It did, not much but enough was there for some sunny November fun.

From the falls to the confluence of Fall Creek was a blast. Several IV+ made for some good fun, and I'm sure at higher levels class V would not be an overstatement for some of them. It had some of the best boulder garden drops I've seen, constant s-turns back to back with great climaxes at the end.

After Fall Creek, it flattened out for a good 3/4 mile with an occassional class III. Then I came upon around three or four excellent drops, you know, those that have three or four slots to choose from, and only one of them not having a sieve with a tree in it. The trees were pretty bad in this 1 mile stretch, having to get out two or three times.

The rest of the run I just sat back, enjoying the scenery on many many class-II shoal rapids. All was well, aside from the overwhelming feeling that I was running out of water. I thought to myself, surely I haven't outrun the water, as I crossed through several large pools, almost mini-lakes.

Suddenly, I couldn't quite see the exit to the pool. Luckly I found a small exit, but yes, I was running out of water. The next thing I know, the water becomes very silty with an aqua color and I run this little wave train straight into a cliff. The cliff has three or four vertical slots where the water was entering. Over to the right was a 6-ft whirlpool, nothing violent, but interesting nonetheless. Getting next to the cliff, the air pressure made for an interesting sound.

Over to the left was the dry riverbed that I walked for 100 yards or so and luckily found a road that eventually led to hwy 30. 45 minutes later a nice nursery owner took me back to my car.

Interesting day. Maybe next time I'll wait until later in the season when that cave fills up and I can paddle happily to the bridge.

Anyone else had similar experiences with this run or nearby watersheds? and two, is there a gauge in the park?


Clay Wright helped out with:
Paddle behind falls at low levels - no, haven't run em.
Logs plague this run, but several class 4 and 5 rapids in virgin forest canyon. Watch for "Twin Towers" - named for the World Trade Center similarities. Was for the 2 big rocks flanking the drop. Now for the Big f*&$in hole. Set rope river right.

3 mile paddle out through scrapey-scenic class 1-2. Under 0'', much flow disappears.

Rapid Descriptions

put in.

Class - Mile - 0

Pine Tree Falls

Class - Mile - 0.3

Crack Slot

Class - Mile - 0.4
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Twin Towers

Class - Mile - 0.5

Corner Pocket

Class - Mile - 0.7
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Airplane Turn

Class - Mile - 0.8

Hallway Falls

Class - Mile - 1

Rear Entry

Class - Mile - 1.1

Take Out

Class - N/A Mile - 7


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clay wright
1 year ago

12 / 18 - 6'' great level - clear of wood through Trade Center / Twin Towers and Corner Pocket but after the lull, watch for new wood in rapid right above Airplane Turn - you'll be boogie class 2 and see the gradient coming and a big tree on right but you can't see the one in the hole of the class 3 so I put flagging tape in a tree above on river left. Big obvious log below Airplane can be missed. Big obvious log in runout was sneakable river right at this flow. Smooth sailing - wide open from recent high water down below. Cable Trail harder, as more trees gone at the steep so it's hard to balance even one boat while you climb through. Consider having short rope ready to clip boats on with and spreading out on the way down.

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clay wright
4 years ago

Cable broke and trail closed temporarily as of April 4th 16. The photos on here claiming 2'5'' by robert maxwell are the lowest I've ever seen it and likely co-ordinate to -6'' on the closer red gage. Friends ran it at -2'' (took out at -4'') in April of 16 and it looked low medium. clay

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Bobby McGrath
7 years ago

1/2/13 Red gauge at 1' today. Fun run down Cain. No portages due to logs. Definitely a mid-to-high water level. Calf killer gauge was at 1510. Great falls dam inflow around 8500. Most beautiful run we've done this year. :-) Did portage twin towers due to ferocious looking hole (and our first run down).

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9 years ago

Put-in gage upstream of falls and dam, look left off swinging bridge....7'' was a fluffy, 3'' a good medium. More important is red take-out gage: -2'' minimum or you'll hike down a few islands. New Wood 1/2 mi in can be snuck via far left crack. New wood in Rear entry's right crack - get left or get out.

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clay wright
14 years ago

2 runs today at 0'<br />
New red gage at takeout on r right: 0' today and
I'd say that's a good minimum to paddle out.<br
<br />
Put-in: New red gage below swinging bridge
upstream of falls and dam (across bridge from
Cane Falls parking) - read 0' too. <br />
<br />
All logs avoidable. Walked 'Rear Entry' since left
sneak hard to enter. Remarkably more
channelized in runout. Pushed across the last
braided area (L then R) but otherwise bumped
through fine. One bad log within sight of
takeout<br />
Collins 1200, Calfkiller 950<br />

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clay wright
14 years ago

1/9/05: 2.5 was a medium level - new gravel bar makes gage read higher (2.7 yesterday looked like 2x the water). If the shoal upstream of the bridge is scrapey, the last miles will be too. No log portages required - remarkable clean. Rangers friendly. Calfkiller was 5.8, collins 3000, Caney Fork 1.7

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Geoff Kohl
15 years ago

The link for the Calfkiller gauge is this:<br />
<a href=
03419800 target=_blank>
tn/nwis/uv?03419800</a><br />
<br />
Sounds like you should see 5.7 or above on Calfkiller
before heading to Cane

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Kirk Eddlemon
15 years ago

Here are some numbers I just crunched:

Falls to Piney Creek - 2.2 miles at 172 ft/mile
Steepest mile - 220 ft/mile from mile 0.3 to mile 1.3
steepest stretch - 250 ft/mile for 0.4 miles (second gorge)
Piney Creek to takeout - 4.8 miles at 42 ft/mile
Piney Creek to hikeout - 1 mile at 75 ft/mile
total length and gradient - 7 miles with 580 ft of drop

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Robert Maxwell
15 years ago


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clay wright
15 years ago

1/9/05: 2.5 was a medium level - new gravel bar makes gage read higher (2.7 yesterday looked like 2x the water). If the shoal upstream of the bridge is scrapey, the last miles will be too. No log portages required - remarkable clean. Rangers friendly. Calfkiller was 5.8, collins 3000, Caney Fork 1.7

Gage Descriptions

Super-scenic day-after North Chick run.
Holds water well.

Calfkiller gauge correletion may the ticket, but look for Great Falls Dam 'inflow' 4000 - 7000 (check inflow)

Take-out gauge: under Hwy 30 Bridge
0' Minimum
6'' Ideal
1' getting big ...

Fallin Down shots were at 3 old or 1.5 on the new gauge . . .hold on!

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

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Ron Stewart Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Kevin Colburn

Last week, American Whitewater recognized Ron Stewart for his many contributions to river stewardship - or more accurately steep creek stewardship.   American Whitewater presented Ron with an AW Lifetime Achievement Award at an AW event in Atlanta Georgia on September 28th, following a presentation on the many rivers and creeks Ron has sought to protect.  The honor comes with a framed and numbered William Nealy "mystery move" print.

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