Clear Creek - 3. Jett to Lilly

Clear Creek, Tennessee, US


3. Jett to Lilly

Usual Difficulty II+(III) (for normal flows)
Length 2 Miles
Avg. Gradient 23 fpm

Clear Creek 2

Clear Creek 2
Photo of River by James Locke

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-03539778 180 - 2000 cfs II+(III) 18d23h17m 3900 cfs (too high)

River Description

Local expert (Ron Stewart, Box 1337, Chattanooga, TN 37401),GAGE=03539778 Clear Cr at Lilly Bridge
Runnable 180 cfs - 2000cfs
suitable for canoes and kayaks



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Last Updated: 2013-02-05 03:07:33

Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

User Comments

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March 23 2017 (667 days ago)
Crisler (158104)
3/19/17 950cfs, CT, Eli, G, Sam and James. We did 2 laps. Perfect level, there were still eddies
but the pools had flow and there were some great surf waves. Boys did well in their kayaks, Sam got
3 combat rolls. Both boys got surfed a bit at the bottom of the Grunch but came through upright.
3/20/17 640 cfs, CT, G, Sam and James. Good level, more eddies and less surf waves. Sam surfed at
"baby toilet bowl" and did ferries and eddy catching at "toilet bowl"
May 6 2016 (988 days ago)
Crisler (158104)
5/3/16 625cfs Barnett to Lilly, Ct and Josh in raft, G and eli in canoes. Brian in kayak. Nice
level, no new wood and everyone had good lines. 5/4/16 Jett to Lilly, G and eli in canoes, CT is
sitontop, josh in ducky. everything was smooth. there were a few nice surf spots and G caught lots
of eddys in lilly rapid.
May 5 2015 (1355 days ago)
simonkrzych (155765)
4/27/15, 370cfs, G's first trip in Octane 85, Eli and spanish fly, and CT in probe 12. we caught
eddys and made ferrys, G got a good redemption run at the Grunch and caught lots of eddys in lilly
April 26 2015 (1364 days ago)
simonkrzych (155765)
4/22/15 760 cfs, G and Eli in spanish flys, CT in grabner, and Jared in ducky. Felt like an ideal
flow, still had defined features in the rapids and plenty of push through the pools. G flipped on
the second ledge of the Grunch and caught every eddy in Lilly rapid. 2 hour river time.
April 8 2015 (1382 days ago)
simonkrzych (155765)
4/6/15, 250 cfs, drizzly skies with highs in the low 60's. G and Eli in spanish flys, and ct in
kayak. it was a great time catching eddys, making ferrys and G styled the boof over the Grunch (the
pourover about 2/3 the way through the trip). No swims, just smiles.
December 7 2014 (1504 days ago)
Nhinckley (156905)
Here's a video:
September 17 2013 (1951 days ago)
simonkrzych (155765)
Clear Creek, Genesis Road/TN-298 (Jett Bridge) to Ridge Road (Lilly Bridge) Class 2+ (listed on AW
as Clear Creek - 3. Jett to Lilly). - Minimum flow is 150 cfs for canoes, 400 cfs for Avon Ranger
on Clear Creek at Lilly bridge near Lancing, TN. - Max flow is about 2,000 cfs. - Run is 2 miles. -
For detailed rapid list and description see Clear Creek notes.
March 13 2010 (3234 days ago)
mbarchie (151519)
The tree across the river has been cut and the river right passage is clear. The root ball is now
100 feet down stream but did not present a problem.
February 20 2010 (3255 days ago)
Derrick ZinggDetails
The strainer discussed in the previous comment is across the large rock that forms the entrance to
Washing Machine rapid. The root ball essentially blocks the river right line around the rock. A
portage on river left is the safest alternative.
February 14 2010 (3261 days ago)
cvetter (151488)
Caution, there is a tree across the river about 100 yds past the Grunch ledge. The root ball is in
the river right line (Bad looking strainer) around the rock and the top is across the left line
around the rock.
February 9 2009 (3631 days ago)
Michelle McKenzieDetails
Ran this section @ 160cfs on 2-8-09 & had no issues finding enough water to get down w/o paint
loss. Great level for teaching & practicing water reading! M. Miller